Destroyer–Riful's daughter
Destroyer-Riful's Daughter
Destroyer–Riful's daughter

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Don't tell me you took in that which that I spewed out?[1]

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Scene 138

  • Scene 093 Destroyer—7 phases ↓
    • Luciela x Rafaela link I. Luciela x Rafaela
    • Destroyer link II. Twin goddesses
      • Parasitic Rod link Rod ↓
        • Hellcat link Hellcat
        • Infected Host link Infected host
    • Yoma Energy Mass link III. Mass being
    • Yoma Energy Mass + Clare IV. Mass being + Clare
    • Scene 109 V. Cocoon
    • Destroyer-Priscilla VI. Destroyer–Priscilla
    • Destroyer-Riful's Daughter VII. Destroyer–Riful's daughter


Seventh phase of the Destroyer.


Riful's daughter as she normally appears, but with ribbons connected to the remnants of the Destroyer that Priscilla disgorged.


Composite entity based on Luciela,[2] Rafaela[3] and Riful[4] are of the offensive type. Other warriors such as Dauf is unconfirmed.

Having no Organization datasheet in the "Yoma War Record," the ability and baselines of Destroyer–Riful's daughter are unknown.


Binary entityEdit


After Priscilla's escape from the cocoon, Chronos notes the odd behavior of Priscilla, ignoring the easy targets among the Claymore warriors and the humans in the city.[5]

Chronos warns Lars to evade. Tentacles explode from Priscilla's position, hitting some of the spectators, who awaken into a myriad of forms.[6] One female Awakened shrivels up as life force is drained from her body.[7]

Chronos now realizes that the "attack" on the Awakeneds is unintentional. A new binary "entity," made up of the Destroyer and Priscilla, are resuming their combat fought elsewhere. But now the spectators are caught up in the maelstrom and becoming collateral damage.[8]

Prey or predator?Edit

Elsewhere, Destroyer–Priscilla confronts a Riful-like being. Destroyer–Priscilla places a hand on the girl's head, possibly to absorb the being. But the girl declares her hatred of Priscilla and hurls her back. The girl opens her mouth and launches veined Yoma rods resembling those of Dauf's.[9]

Destroyer–Priscilla counterattacks with its own rods, but the girl smashes the rods with her hair tentacles, then launches more rods.[10]

Revenge from the graveEdit

Elsewhere, Riful's daughter continues to pummel Destroyer–Priscilla. The "remnants" of Riful's flesh hurls back Destroyer–Priscilla, repeatedly. Owing to Destroyer–Priscilla fighting itself, Destroyer–Priscilla cannot regenerate itself as Riful's daughter get the upper hand.[11]

Riful's daughterEdit

Priscilla is temporarily defeated, but escapes the grip of Riful's daughter. Priscilla rejoins her near-severed head and vomits out the remains of the Destroyer.[12]

Priscilla thanks Riful's daughter for helping to expel the Destroyer.[13]

New binary entityEdit

Endless energyEdit

In a perpetual cycle, Priscilla and Riful's daughter damage each other then regenerate. Riful's daughter has overcome her energy limit by tapping into the remnants of the Destroyer. Priscilla begins to realize this herself, as does Rubel.[14]

Dae says that with the young Abyssal's endless supply of energy, the two combatants are now evenly matched. He invites Rubel to stay and watch to see the ultimate outcome.[15]


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