Controlled Awakening
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Twins using Controlled Awakening

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Original name

完全精神共有による、覚醒の完全制御[1] Kanzen seishin kyōyū niyoru, kakusei no kanzen seigyo


Special:[2] Mind Share/Full Release[3] and Mind Share/Full Control[4]


Attack target using Mind Share/Full Release and Mind Share/Full Control

Current status



Alicia, Beth

Associated technique



They have almost no individual self.[5]

First appearance

Scene 62

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Unofficial translation. Unused by characters.

"Controlled Awakening" is an abridgement of 完全精神共有による、覚醒の完全制御,[6] which can be translated as "Mind Share—Full Control of Full Awakening."

Literal translation: 完全 = full. 精神 = mind. 共有 = shared. による = with. 覚醒 = awakening. の = of. 完全 = full. 制御 = control.

"Soul Link" is a scanlator invention unused by all official translations. "Soul Link" refers collectively to the abilities of Mind Share/Full Release and Mind Share/Full Control, rather than the combined technique of Controlled Awakening.

Alicia's and Beth's datasheets name the technique in Yoma War Record III.[7]

Description[edit | edit source]

From Yoma War Record III[8]

Mind Share/Full Release and Mind Share/Full Control enable this technique: Full Release partner releases Yoma power at 100%, while fully releasing consciousness into Full Control partner, who remote controls awakened partner's actions.

Foundation[edit | edit source]

  • Identical twin babies
  • Must have innate (born) ability
  • Same Yoma tissue

Training[edit | edit source]

  • Phase 1: twins totally align Yoma power and action from infancy.
  • Phase 2: twins taught to share same mind and its attributes.
  • Phase 3: Full Release partner releases Yoma power at 100%, as well as consciousness into Full Control partner. Full Control partner turns off her own Yoma power completely, while controlling Full Release partner actions.

History[edit | edit source]

First attempt[edit | edit source]

Experiment with warriors No. 1 and 2—Luciela and Rafaela—ends in disaster. Organization nearly destroyed.[9]

VIZ Media translation has Dae describe the sisters' Controlled Awakening experiment as "Yoma power harmonization," the same phrase as Rafutera's technique.[10]

When Rafaela is exiled, the Organization begins collection and training of identical twins on the island. Most candidates end in failure.

Alicia and Beth[edit | edit source]

Years later, the Organization succeeds with Alicia and Beth.

Alfons[edit | edit source]

Battle of the North serves as delaying tactic, buying time till Alicia and Beth perfect Controlled Awakening.[11] After the Organization's defeat at Pieta, Northern Army splits in two—12 Awakened heading for Lautrec, 11 for Sutafu.[12]

Sutafu[edit | edit source]

As Northern Army approaches Organization Headquarters, Alicia and Beth—in black Uniforms—confront army.[13]

Apparent leader, Lobster awakened, challenges twins.

Galatea and Rubel watch Alicia awaken into winged form, while Beth appears to meditate. Galatea speculates that the twins share one mind.[14]

Rubel confirms her suspicions, explaining how the twins were trained from infancy to be of one mind—in short, a two-person Claymore warrior. Neither twin has any individuality left.[15]

Lautrec[edit | edit source]

On news of Isley's death in Mucha, Limt sends Alicia and Beth to kill Riful.[16]

Round I[edit | edit source]
Hunters[edit | edit source]

As Riful and Dauf observes Destroyer, Abyss Feeders attack. Then Alicia and Beth land before them. They announce themselves as "Abyss Hunters," to Riful's amusement.[17]

Alicia awakens and proceeds to shred both Riful and Dauf.[18]

Together with Abyss Feeders, the twins begin defeating Riful and Dauf. During the 3-way battle, the Destroyer fires rods, hitting all three parties.[19][20]

Escape[edit | edit source]

Riful drags Dauf from battlefield. Abyss Feeders ambush her. Suddenly, Alicia's awakened form attacks the Abyss Feeders. The wayward attacks confuse Riful.[21]

No control[edit | edit source]

Unknown to Riful, a parasitic Rod has penetrated Beth, sitting unconscious.[22]

Round II[edit | edit source]
Discovery[edit | edit source]

Cynthia and Yuma find Beth. Yuma wants to help, but Cynthia holds her back. Both Beth and rod merge into an Awakened.[23]

Alicia[edit | edit source]

Alicia, reverted to her human form, cut off Riful's arm and leg with her sword. Alicia stops fighting and awakens.[24]

Round III[edit | edit source]
Priscilla[edit | edit source]

The awakened Beth and Priscilla meet. They fight, but Priscilla loses interest and walks away.[25]

Last charge[edit | edit source]

Alicia, facing Riful and Dauf, suddenly leaves. She joins Beth in her battle with Priscilla. The twins have both awakened.[26]

Priscilla beheads Alicia. Weeping, Beth charges Priscilla.[27]

Twin Trainees[edit | edit source]

The Twin Trainees display similar techniques, but are able to switch the awakened and control roles.[28]

References[edit | edit source]

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