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Clare and Destroyer–Priscilla escape




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Misconstrued it, but there's two bodies over there.[1]

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Scene 130

  • Scene 093 Destroyer—7 phases ↓
    • Luciela x Rafaela link I. Luciela x Rafaela
    • Destroyer link II. Twin goddesses
      • Parasitic Rod link Rod ↓
        • Hellcat link Hellcat
        • Infected Host link Infected host
    • Yoma Energy Mass link III. Mass being
    • Yoma Energy Mass + Clare IV. Mass being + Clare
    • Scene 109 V. Cocoon
    • Destroyer-Priscilla VI. Destroyer–Priscilla
    • Destroyer-Riful's Daughter VII. Destroyer–Riful's daughter


Unofficial name. Unnamed by characters. Fifth phase of the Destroyer.


Dark mass of Yoma tissue, with fused flowing contours. The wings of Priscilla project out, which resemble the Wings Stones of Berserk.


An amalgam of four people in conflict, the personality type of the cocoon itself is unknown. Luciela,[2] Rafaela[3] and Priscilla[4] are of the offensive type, which suggest the cocoon is also an offensive type.

Having no Organization datasheet in the "Yoma War Record," the ability and baselines of the cocoon are unknown.

The cocoon appears to be an inert shell holding prisoner the Destroyer, Priscilla and Clare.


Return to the Holy CityEdit

The Ghosts bring back the cocoon to Rabona. Later, Helen leads Galatea to a glade in the forest, where the cocoon is cached. As Galatea probes the Yoma mass, she realizes that releasing Clare means releasing Priscilla.[5]

Second returnEdit

Unknown awakenedEdit

The Ghosts and Raki sail back after the Rebellion at Organization Headquarters. With Raki still in the city, Galatea shows the Ghosts the current state of the cocoon. The awakened form of the unknown Priscilla is half-emerged from the cocoon. Deneve confirms this is the awakened that she saw in Lautrec.[6]

Miria now understands why Galatea had the city evacuated. But Galatea was unable to persuade the Rabona guards to leave.[7]

Clare emergesEdit

The next day, the Ghosts bring Raki. On seeing Priscilla emerging from the cocoon, Raki blurts out her name. When Helen questions him, Raki only says the awakened being resembles someone he knows.[8]

Galatea cannot detect Clare's aura and sees little hope of pulling out Clare. But Raki approaches the cocoon, despite Galatea's warning. Deneve defends Raki's decision.

When Raki lays on hands and speaks to the cocoon, tentacles pierce his body. Galatea calls for help, but Raki says the cocoon is only probing his body. The tentacles soon withdraw.[9]

A section of the cocoon crumbles and out comes Clare.[10]

Friends rejoinedEdit

After Deneve sews up Clare's stigma, the Ghosts look on as Raki hugs a tearful Clare with all his might.[11]


When Clare ejects from the cocoon, Miria releases Yoma power beyond her limit, unleashing her quickest Phantom attack yet on the cocoon. But her target proves even quicker. [12]

Priscilla lands amid the startled awakened spectators in the hills.[13]


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