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Yoma power
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Percentages of release

VIZ Media name

Yoma power[1]


Yoki[2][3][4] (de, en-us anime, it), Yoma-Kräfte[5] (Yoma Forces de), fuerza demoniaca[6] (demonic force es-es), énergie démoniaque[7] (demonic energy fr), forza diabolica[8] (evil force/demonic power it), yoriki[9] (it anime)

Original name

妖力[10] yōryoku (demonic power)


Force animating Yoma entities. Resembles demonic version of prana, chi or orgone



Primary user

Deneve, Alicia

Associated Baseline

Agility, strength, mental, sensing


I thought I'd suppressed my aura...but I guess there's no fooling a Claymore.[11]

First appearance

Scene 2, Anime Scene 1


Yōryoku (妖力 "demonic power") and yōki (妖気 "demonic energy") describe the two aspects of the demonic force that animate Yoma bodies in the Shueisha edition of Claymore. The Japanese terms are not used in the VIZ Media translation.

Yōryoku and yōki are usually used synonymously on reference websites and fan-forums, yōki taking precedence over yōryoku, also spelled "yourki" in scanlations.

Yoma power[]

Yōryoku is energy released. Depending on the translator, VIZ Media generally uses "Yoma power"[12] for Yōryoku.

Yoma energy[]

Yōki is energy stored. VIZ Media uses "Yoma energy." "Aura"[13] is the VIZ Media synonym for "Yoma energy."

Yoki is sometimes used in the FUNimation anime.[14]

Yoma energy is invisible to humans, but detectable by Claymore warriors and other Yoma entities. But even Yoma energy can be hidden. Combining both the original Japanese text with the official English translation, Rubel tells Rafaela, "And with your power (妖力)[15] and Yoma aura (妖気)[16] can move in the shadows of the Organization."[17]

The Germany[18] and Italy[19] editions sometimes use "yōki" for Yoma energy. All European editions use variants of "force" to indicate "yōryoku" or the energy in action. The Yamato Video video dub (it) has Miria distinguish between "yoriki" and "yoki" in a single sentence.[20]

Yoma power and energy are often confused with each other in scanlations and fan forums, "yōki" being used as a synonym for both. But some official translations can also lead to similar confusion.

For example, 妖力 (Yoma power) and 妖気 (Yoma energy) can both be translated as "énergie démoniaque" in French. The Glénat Édition Française translation of Scene 11 actually refers to what would be translated as "Yoma power" in English.[21]

Energy vs power[]

Modern physics differentiates between "energy" (quantity of force, potential or used) versus "power" (rate of release). Energy is what is stored in a battery—power is what comes out.

While Yoma energy is the quantity of demonic force—either potential or used—Yoma power is the rate of release. Hence the use of "aura" as a synonym for Yoma energy, an aura indicating potential/used force within the Yoma body "battery."

The warrior datasheets use Yoma power (Yōryoku, not Yōki) as a baseline. The percentage of release starts at the baseline, rated by the Organization from the low "E" (Elena) to the immeasurably high EX (the awakened Priscilla). The baseline does not indicate a theoretical upper limit of release, as the awakened Clare proves in Pieta.


Force that can boost agility and strength above the baseline, though warriors use minimally—if at all—due to danger of awakening.

Only Alicia and Deneve have abilities and techniques solely based on Yoma power.


Warriors must calculate Yoma energy release to appropriate level. Using Yoma power beyond a certain threshold causes loss of human consciousness, the warrior becoming an awakened being.


From "Yoma War Record I":

  • 10% Yoma power release pupils turn vertical and irises gold[22]
  • 30% face distorts[23]
  • 50% body distorts[24]
  • 70% maximal for most warriors[25]
  • 80% release usually fail-safe point, which awakening occurs irreversibly[26]

For usage, see Yoma power chart under "Yoma Power Release" (horizontal axis).


Mental and sensing baselines are responsible for controlling Yoma power. Low baselines in either can result in awakening. Priscilla and Clare are examples.

Overwhelming agony and ecstasy makes it difficult to control awakening. Warriors are duty-bound to send a black card to another warrior to euthanize her if she cannot stop "awakening," ensuring that she does not turn into the very monster she hunts ("Yoma War Record I").



Yoma power baseline enables: Instant Reproduction and Mind Share/Full Release.

Most high Yoma power warriors center ability and technique on other baselines, Yoma power playing a peripheral role. Scarcity of pure Yoma power abilities and techniques are due to risk of awakening.

High Baseline warriors[]

Rated A or higher:


Tankōbon Claymore volumes cited are VIZ Media (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted. Manga scenes (chapters) not yet translated cite Shueisha tankōbon (ja) editions. Manga scenes not yet published in tankōbon form cite Jump SQ (ja) editions. Fragments of Silver Omnibus (総集編 銀の断章 Gin no Danshou) 1–3, Shueisha, are only available in Japanese. Anime scenes (episodes) cited are FUNimation (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted.

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