Flora from anime
Flora from anime

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Armor,[1] gear[2]

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[3] Gu Speaker (equipment)[4]


Defensive, offensive, special


Minimalist array of armor, protecting only most critical parts of warrior anatomy

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Claymore warriors

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Scene 1, Anime Scene 1



Claymore warriors wear a Roman army-like uniform, stylized in an Art Deco manner. It consists of a gray two-piece suit—shirt and leggings—with a dickie marked with an unique warrior's symbol, which appears at neckline.

Over the suit they wear pieces of armor. Finally, a cape completes the ensemble.

No "standard" uniformEdit

The "Yoma War Record I" specifically mentions that there is no "standard" dress in the modern military sense.[5]

Though uniforms follow a similar color scheme (Alicia and Beth being exceptions), important differences appear among warriors' armor.

Though the shirt and leggings are usually the same for all, armor differs depending on the abilities and individual preference of the warrior.[6] Further this may reflect difference in fighting technique.[7]

Light armor, such as a single layer of spaulders, is sometimes a sign of a weaker warrior. Low-ranking warriors such as Elena or Matilda may not have the strength to wear heavy armor and move quickly enough in combat.

The one area of appearance where warriors most differ is hairstyle, which takes on a myriad of forms.

Personal effectsEdit

What personal effects warriors carry is minimal—but is sufficient enough to perform each mission. These are carried in a personal pouch.

To hide one's identity as a Claymore during covert operations, there are pills that suppress Yoma energy for over half a day. The eye color of warriors then returns to normal. In addition, though warriors are not given a lot of money, they have enough to prevent delays in carrying out their missions.[8]

Special situationsEdit

Uniforms may have further modifications to compensate for unique abilities.

Helen's arm-coverings are made out of a special black material to allow for her extensible arms.[9] Alicia and Beth wear black uniforms of similar material[10] to allow awakening.[11]


Initial Male EraEdit

During the Initial Male Era, the first Claymore warriors wear minimal armor. Over a shirt and leggings, a plate buckle holds spaulders on the shoulders. Between the shoulder blades, a pair of ambidextrously placed hooks protrude from a back bracket. One of these hooks is used to hold the sword. Vambraces and chausses protect the arms and legs. Faulds only protect the hips.[12]

First GenerationEdit

With the appearance of the female First Generation, a dicky covering the throat is first worn. This dicky has no symbol on it, however. The cape is another first, hanging from the horns of a sword carrier. In other aspects, the first female uniform resembles the males'.[13]

Old GenerationEdit

With the arrival of the Old Generation—divided into the eras of Luciela and Teresa—the rest of the current design arrives. The warrior's symbol now appears on the dicky. Buckle design is more intricate.[14] The rudimentary faulds design has developed into a full skirt. During Teresa's time, chausses drop in height. Mid-calf chausses are typical of the era.[15]

Current GenerationEdit

Similar to the Old Generation. Current Generation vambraces extend to the elbows as they did during the Luciela Era. Chausses now usually reach and often covers the knees. Exceptions are Clare and Elena.

Next GenerationEdit

The Next Generation style is virtually indistinguishable from the Current Generation.

Tree diagramEdit

  • Hairstyle link Hairstyle
  • Stigmata link Stigma
  • Uniform ↓
    • Shirt and leggings Shirt and leggings ↓
      • Dicky Dicky ↓
        • Helen's Symbol Symbol
    • Pouch Pouch ↓
      • Suppressant link Suppressant
      • Money link Money
    • Cape Cape
    • Armor: protects seven vital areas of the body ↓
      • Flora's vambraces Vambraces: protects forearms
      • Flora's spaulders Spaulders: protects shoulders ↓
        • Flora's buckle Buckle: protects throat ↓
          • Flora's carrier Carrier: holds sword and protects spine ↓
            • Claymore Sword link Claymore sword ↓
              • Black Card link Black card: kept rolled inside hilt
      • Flora's faulds Faulds: protects lower abdomen
      • Flora's chausses Chausses: protects legs
      • Flora's sabatons Sabatons: protects feet


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