The Organization
The Organization
Rubel reporting to the Executive

VIZ Media name

Organization[1] (en-us Speaker)


Name: Organisation[2][3] (de Speaker, fr Speaker), Organización[4] (es-es Speaker), Organizzazione[5] (it Speaker), Гильдия[6] Gilʹdiya Speaker (Guild ru), Гильдии[7] Gilʹdii Speaker (Guild ru), Гильдию[8] Gilʹdiyu Speaker (Guild ru), 組織[9][10] Zǔzhī Speaker (Organization zh-hk, zh-tw)
Nickname: Claymore[11]

Original name

組織[12] Soshiki Speaker



Current status



Unknown foreign power


Creation and testing of Yoma entities

Reports to

Anti-dragon allies


The sword and shield of Mankind is us.[14]

First appearance

Scene 41, Anime Scene 15

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組織 is usually translated as some variant of "organization" by most licensed editions. The Russian edition uses variants of "guild." The actual transliteration for "organization" is オーガニゼーション Ōganizēshon Speaker.


Self-described as charity, whose public mission statement is eradication of Yoma.[15] Funded by fees for services rendered.[16]

Actually cover for military-intelligence, bio-warfare operation, according to Miria's theory. Sent to island from the mainland by the Anti-dragon allies.

No official name for entity. Sometimes referred to by public as "Claymore."[17][18]

Organization personnel are described as human in the Claymore series. In Scene 1, Zaki tells Raki, "Humans created them to fight against the monsters."[19]


Unnamed town in eastern region of Sutafu.[20] Region name may allude to a military staff. Town itself sometimes misidentified as "Staff," "Sutare," or "Sutafu" in translations.

Personnel deployed in 47 "districts" (は地区) across island.[21]


There are five known sections:

  1. Executive
  2. Retrieval Squad
  3. School
  4. Men in Black
  5. Claymore warriors


Executive sector for the Organization, which is headed by Chief Limt.[22]

Retrieval SquadEdit

Section that creates awakened entities, including Yoma, awakened beings, Abyss Feeders and Claymore warriors.

There is a mobile unit that recovers tissue samples and bodies of Yoma entities in the field. Led by scientist, Dae.[23]


Education center for warrior trainees. Training starts from childhood. Final test in ruined village under actual combat conditions has a high fatality rate.[24]

Men in BlackEdit

Field agents, acting as case officers for warriors in the field.

Claymore warriorsEdit

Soldiers of Organization, who carry out seven types of missions:

  • Awakened Hunt link Awakened hunt
  • Black Card link Black card
  • Covert Operation link Covert operation
  • Purge link Purge
  • Search and Rescue link Search and rescue
  • Surveillance link Surveillance
  • Yoma Suppression link Yoma suppression

Mission flowEdit

When assigned to Yoma suppression, warriors normally head straight for their destination. They travel on foot. On arrival they immediately begin a search for the Yoma that that is to be suppressed.

On completion, they instruct the client on payment to a Man in Black. The warrior then waits for the next assignment.[25]

Outline for Yoma Suppression:[26]

  • Yoma outbreak in client's locale
  • Request for Yoma suppression by client
  • Headquarters to accept or reject request
  • Dispatch of warrior via Man in Black
  • Execution of mission by warrior
  • Collection of fee if mission successful
  • Mission report, analysis of accumulated results


Overseas originEdit

According to Miria's Theory, the Organization originated on an unknown mainland beyond the island world.[27]

Limt refers to his country of origin as 本国 (home country).[28]


Initial Male EraEdit

The Initial Male Era belonging to no official generation. The first male No. 1, Isley, deliberately awakens and becomes the "Abyssal One of the North."[29]

Years later, Paburo hunt meets a male, ex-Claymore warrior—the Paburo awakened. Miria says that due to males prematurely awakening, Organization stopped making male warriors.[30]

First GenerationEdit

The first official generation, the First Generation replaces males with females as warriors. Riful, the first female No. 1, awakens and becomes the "Abyssal One of the West."[31]

Old GenerationEdit

The next generation, the Old Generation, is divided between the Luciela and Teresa eras.

Luciela eraEdit
Mind Share IEdit

During a "Controlled Awakening" experiment, involving non-identical sisters, Luciela and Rafaela, Luciela awakens and kills over half of the warriors and trainees, nearly destroying the Organization in the process.[32]

Abyssal OneEdit

Luciela becomes the "Abyssal One of the South."[33] Rafaela is exiled. Organization collects many identical twins for second Controlled Awakening experiment.[34] One pair of twins, Alicia and Beth, eventually become No. 1 and 2.[35]

Organization rebuilds itself.[36]

Teresa eraEdit

No. 1, Teresa, leaves Clare with foster family in Rokut. But Teresa returns too late to save village from bandits, who she executes. Teresa breaks cardinal rule of Organization—never kill humans. Later she resists execution.

Warriors No. 2–5 are sent to find and purge Teresa.[37]

Last combatEdit

On a deserted plateau, Priscilla, leader of the purge team, awakens and beheads Teresa.[38]

Warriors No. 1 through 5 lost. Rafaela recommissioned as No. 5.[39]

Current generationEdit

The next generation is the Current Generation.

Mind Share IIEdit

Alicia continues to progress.[40]

Battle of the NorthEdit

The Pieta hunt is destroyed by the Northern Army. Battle of the North begins—a Battle Group of 24 warriors, led by Miria, assembles in Pieta. The Battle Group is defeated by the Northern Army.[41]

Stalemate in anime.[42]

Alicia and Beth defeat the Northern Army in Sutafu.

Next generationEdit

The next generation is the Next Generation.

7-year timeskipEdit

The Ghosts—seven survivors of the Battle of the North—move south.[43]

In Mucha, Abyss Feeders pursue and kill Isley.[44]

Riful attacked by Alicia and Beth, but Priscilla first kills Riful,[45] then Alicia and Beth.[46]


In Rabona, Miria cuts down Tabitha. Miria travels alone to Organization Headquarters, where she attempts to destroy the Organization by herself.[47]

Though she cuts down all warriors, No. 10—Rafutera—uses a type of Yoma power harmonization to confuse Miria's mind, allowing the other warriors to cut down Miria.[48]


Miria reappears to lead the Claymore Rebellion.[49] Organization faces greatest threat to its existence since Luciela's awakening.[50]Limt orders release of Abyss Feeders, while Dae resurrects Hysteria, Roxanne and Cassandra.[51]

During battle between rebels and Abyss Feeders, the resurrected warriors cut down everyone en masse.[52] The three resurrected warriors soon awaken.[53]

Executive chamberEdit

The warriors find it deserted.[54] In flashback, Raki says that the Organization fled Headquarters when Cassandra, Roxanne and Hysteria awakened.[55]

Miria orders Deneve and Helen to search the premises. And that any personnel found are to be killed.[56]

Secret roomEdit

But Miria's orders are a ploy to distract her comrades as Miria relocates a pilastered portal. She forces open the wall panel, leading to a downstairs chamber, where a specimen of the Dragons' Descendents is chained. Tubes attached to the body provide life-support.[57]


Limt appears. For unexplained reasons, he has stayed behind. He notices that Miria appears familiar with the dragon. Then he points out the unawakened, humanoid form hanging high from the ceiling.[58]

He reveals the true name of the Dragons' Descendents—the アサラカム[59] (Asarakamu). The Asarakamu are a hermaphroditic species. They have a lifespan of 200 years.[60]

The smaller, humanoid specimen, when awakened, would become like the larger, dragon-like specimen. Once they awaken, they cannot revert back to humanoid form.[61]

When the tissues of both forms are combined, a mobile parasite results. When implanted in humans, the parasite takes over the brain and the hosts develop into Yoma.[62]

Miria's replyEdit

Miria admits being inside the chamber nine years ago, then realizing the source of the Yoma. She exposes the myth perpetrated by the Organization—that Yoma eat their victims and absorb their memories, then impersonate the victims. The reality is that the parasite eventually leaves the host, due to the Yoma body breaking down from excessive shapeshifting.[63]

She notes that the Organization violated their own rule about never killing humans, as they turned humans into Yoma, then ordered their warriors to kill these former humans. She beheads Limt, then cuts the life-support tubes of the prisoners.[64]

The Dragon bodies instantly decay.[65]

Organization's endEdit

In an anticlimax, Miria is strangely reticent and reveals little to Deneve and Helen.

Outside, as the defensive Ghosts regenerate the wounded on the battlefield, Miria announces the death of Limt.[66]


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