Teo mission
Teo Mission
Teresa killing fifth Yoma

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Teo village


Resist all you like. It won't save you from your fate.[1]

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Scene 12, Anime Scene 5

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    • Teresa No. 1—Teresa


Unnamed by characters. Name derive from Teo village, which is unshown in manga and anime.


Unnamed villageEdit

After Teresa kills a Yoma, she warns the villagers that if the Organization does not receive payment, Yoma will destroy the village.[2]

On the outskirts of town, Orsay complains that Teresa makes it sound as if the Organization sends the Yoma. Then he gives a new assignment—Teo.[3]

Teo IIEdit


But instead of appearing in Teo, which made the original request, Teresa shows up in the marketplace of a neighboring village. In the anime, the neighboring village is renamed Teo.

Teresa immediately kills four men, horrifying the villagers. Two onlookers shapeshift into Yoma and attack Teresa. But she kills them both. Someone screams as the bodies of the four men initially killed revert to their true Yoma form.[4]

Claymore Teresa and Teo Mission

Claymore Teresa and Teo Mission

Yoma attack

In the manga, Teresa says that the Yoma were hiding here while feeding on humans in neighboring towns. But that "The request for the Yoma hunt came from another town (Teo)."[5]

Seventh YomaEdit

Teresa detected seven Yoma before entering the village. She now looks for the seventh. She spots him in a crowd, the man hiding behind a young girl. Teresa leaps behind the man and bisects him.[6]

Inadvertently, she rescues Clare from the Yoma, impersonating a parent.[7]


Tankōbon Claymore volumes cited are VIZ Media (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted. Manga scenes (chapters) not yet translated cite Shueisha tankōbon (ja) editions. Manga scenes not yet published in tankōbon form cite Jump SQ (ja) editions. Fragments of Silver Omnibus (総集編 銀の断章 Gin no Danshou) 1–3, Shueisha, are only available in Japanese. Anime scenes (episodes) cited are FUNimation (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted.

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