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Shire Mission
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But the more we use the Yoma's strength and abilities, the closer we are to becoming monsters.[1]

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Scene 4, Anime Scene 2

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In a nighttime forest, Clare meets Rubel, who brings a new shirt and leggings to replace the ones damaged by the Awakened Claymore.[2]

He warns Clare not to get too attached to Raki. Before leaving, he gives her a new assignment—a black card.[3]

Scene 004a
Elena's black card

She recognizes the symbol's owner.[4]

Mount ShireEdit

Rendezvous with deathEdit

The next day they reach Mount Shire. When Raki asks why they are here, Clare explains the black card system. When a warrior can no longer control awakening, and is in danger of becoming a Yoma, she sends her black card to someone she trusts to euthanize her, so she can die human.[5]


They finally meet Elena, Clare's best friend during their school days.[6]

Claymore Elena

Claymore Elena

Clare meeting Elena on Mount Shire

Despite Raki's protests, Clare attacks a passive Elena, delivering a fatal slash. A dying Elena thanks Clare for letting her die a human. Later, Clare buries Elena, using Elena's Claymore sword as her grave-mark.[7]


The anime has additional sequences not in the manga. Clare and Raki reach the mountainside village of Shire. At the local inn, Clare attempts to keep Raki there, until she returns from Mount Shire.[8]

After she leaves Raki in the lobby, a cowled Rubel speaks to Raki from atop the staircase. From the shadows, Rubel warns Raki about continuing to accompany Clare.

Rubel in cowl
Rubel in cowl

But this only impels Raki to leave the inn and catch up with Clare on the mountain.[9]


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