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Retrieval Squad
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Retrieval laboratory

VIZ Media name

Retrieval Squad[1] (en-us Speaker.svg)


Escuadrón de Rescate[2] Speaker.svg (es-es Retrieval Squad), Unité de Recherche[3] Speaker.svg (Research Unit fr)

Original name

回収部隊[4] Kaishū Butai Speaker.svg (Recovery Unit)



Current status





Research and development of Yoma entities, retrieval of Yoma tissue

Reports to



I must have a living specimen of that creature.[5]

First appearance

Scene 96


回収部隊 translates as "recovery section/corps/squad/unit."


Personnel wear universal black. Similar dress to other sectors of Organization.


Organizational structure[]

Sector within the Organization that retrieves tissue samples and bodies of Yoma-entities. A scientist, Dae, appears to lead the sector.

Though the squad is connected to the Organization sector responsible for research and development, it is unknown if "Retrieval Squad" is the actual name of the entire R&D sector, or only the field unit of R&D.

Science, technology and production[]

Unknown if physical science and/or magic involved. Tissues collected are cultured and used to create Claymore warriors, awakened beings, Yoma and Abyss Feeders.

In addition to tissue collected in the field, Dae maintains a collection of former No. 1 Claymores warriors, as well as two specimens of the Dragons' Descendants.[6]

Besides the facility at Organization Headquarters, another "research facility" (研究施設 yánjiū shīshè) exists in mountain(s), north of Headquarters.[7]

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According to Miria's theory, Organization originated on unknown mainland, where ceaseless war is waged.[8] One side is allied with Dragons' Descendents, creatures with thick hide.[9] The other side is the parent power behind the Organization. They seek controlled Awakened Beings to fight the Dragons.[10]

Miria concludes the Organization, ostensibly a charity, is a cover for a military-intelligence, bio-warfare operation, using island to isolate its experiments from mainland.[11]


Dae gazes on Destroyer.[12]

Around Dae, staff wear surgical mask-like covers. A staff member tells Daaé of a man found alive in Ticelli.[13]

Dae is lead to Raki, wounded with rods. Dae is surprised Raki is still alive. He orders that Raki be taken to Headquarters.[14]

Executive meeting[]


In Executive chamber at Headquarters, Dae speaks to Executive and Men in Black.[15]

Dae holds up Priscilla's arm. He questions its ownership, unknown to him. He notes the owner is more powerful than the three dead Abyssal Ones. But he speculates the owner may be a former No. 1.[16]

Those present enumerates eight possible No. 1s—Hysteria, Licht, Chloe, Sistina, Roxanne, Teresa, Lutecia and Cassandra. But no conclusion is reached.[17]


After the meeting, Dae approaches Chief Limt and asks for permission to restart an abandoned project. Dae warns otherwise the Organization will be helpless against the "mysterious gang" (Ghosts), warrior rebellion and the unknown Abyssal One. Limt gives permission.[18]


New old project[]

Rubel visits Dae working in a laboratory at Headquarters. Corpses of three No. 1 warriors—Cassandra, Hysteria and Roxanne—await reanimation.[19]

An executive enters and orders that the corpses are reanimated as soon as possible. Then orders Rubel to an emergency meeting.[20]


Later, as Rebellion starts, Miria reappears to lead rebels.[21]

Men in Black stay indoors as Limt orders all the Abyss Feeders to be released. The Abyss Feeders attack the rebels. Miria orders weaker warriors to retreat, while single-digits fight the Feeders.[22]

Dae releases the the three resurrected No. 1s. Despite panicky subordinates, Limt is unconcerned as the three No. 1s proceed on their mission of annihilation.[23]

Organization demise[]

After the death of Hysteria, a phantasm of Yoma energy, in the form of Priscilla, appears. Dae recognizes her and invites Rubel to accompany him in search of Priscilla.

Later, Raki tells the rebels that Organization personnel fled Headquarters when the resurrected warriors awakened.[24]

Miria orders Deneve and Helen to search the Executive facility.[25]

Secret room[]

But Miria's orders are a ploy to distract her comrades. Miria relocates a pilastered portal she discovered nine years ago.

She forces open a panel, leading to a downstairs chamber, where two specimens of the Dragons' Descendents are chained—a large reptilian form chained to the floor, and a skeletal biped hanging from the ceiling. Tubes attached to their bodies provide life-support.[26]


Limt appears. For unexplained reasons, he has stayed behind.

He gives the real name of the Dragons' Descendents—the アサラカム[27] (Asarakamu Speaker.svg). He explains that they are a hermaphrodite people, who once awaken, remain in their dragon form. And can live up to 200 years.

And shavings of tissue from their awakened and unawakened forms, when combined, create a mobile parasite that takes over the brain in humans, who develop into Yoma.[28]

Miria notes that the Organization violated their own rule about never killing humans, as they turned humans into Yoma, then ordered their warriors to kill these former humans. She beheads Limt, then cuts the life-support tubes of the specimens, which instantly decay.[29]


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