Teresa and purge team

VIZ Media name

Purge[1] (en-us)


Säuberung[2] (Purge de), purga[3] (purge es-es), epurazione[4] (purge it)

Original name

粛清 Shukusei[5]


Execution of Claymore warriors

Team members

Claymore warrior, Man in Black


Claymore warriors

Current status



The Organization, the rule that forbids killing humans...I forgot them all.[6]

First appearance

Scene 17, Anime Scene 6


粛清 (shukusei) translates as "purge." First mention by Ilena.[7]


Execution of Claymore warriors, due to infractions of Organization rules or potential awakening. Warriors in danger of awakening, but who fail to send in their black cards, are candidates for purging.

Purges generally fall into two categories, voluntary and involuntary.


In a voluntary purge the condemned warrior submits to execution. An example is an execution team encircling Teresa.


When a warrior refuses to submit, one or more warriors are sent to find and execute the condemned. If the target is hiding among humans, purges may be combined with other types of missions, such as covert operation. Such operations may even take on the form of undercover assassinations. Clarice and Miata targeting Galatea in Rabona, for example.

An involuntary purge may also be a result of self-defense, as when Cassandra attacked Roxanne and a group of warriors at Organization Headquarters.


In chronological order:

  • Rockwell Hill Rockwell mission: target Hysteria
  • Teresa Mission link Teresa mission: target Teresa
  • Hidden Valley Mission link Hidden valley mission: target Ilena
  • Operation Rabona II Operation Rabona II: purge combined with covert operation

Claymore Teresa versus Purge team

Claymore Teresa versus Purge team

Teresa being purged


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