Miria's theory
Miria's Hypothesis
Miria revealing her research

VIZ Media name



Verdacht[2] (suspicion de), conclusión[3] (inference es-es), hypothèse[4] (hypothesis fr), ipotesi[5] (hypothesis it)

Original name

仮説[6] kasetsu (hypothesis)


Unknown mainland


Secret agenda behind the Organization






Doesn't that mean it's not from this world?[7]

First mention

Scene 79


仮説 translates as "hypothesis," "assumption," "supposition" and the like. 理論 is "theory." VIZ Media uses "theory."


Theory that the Organization creates Yoma and awakened beings.


Paburo MountainsEdit

After surviving the Paburo hunt, Miria promised Deneve, Helen and Clare to research the Organization and find a weakness.[8]


After the seven Ghosts, survivors of the Battle of the North, kill Agatha in Rabona, they, Galatea, Clarice and Miata hold a tense meeting with Miria.[9]

She reveals the results of her investigation.

Between the Paburo Hunt and the Battle of the North, Miria visits a mysterious village far from Organization Headquarters. The villager there never heard of Yoma. Also, Miria cannot find the material source for the Claymore swords. Further research leads her to conclude that neither Yoma or the swords are native to the island.[10]

Miria speculates that their island world is being used as a testing ground for developing awakened beings. She reveals that across the ocean "an even greater land outside of this one," where two sides have been at war for over a hundred years.[11]

One side is the parent power behind Organization, the Anti-dragon allies. The other side is allied with Dragons' Descendents, which have "extremely tough skin,"[12] the original target of the Claymore Sword.

The Anti-dragon allies, in an effort to defeat the Dragons' allies and Descendants, created the Organization to develop a new weapon—awakened beings. And the soldiers called Claymores are only one step in the process.[13]

Miria's sourceEdit

In the east-most town of Lacroix, in Lautrec, Clare, Cynthia and Yuma knock out an Organization search and rescue team and kill an awakened being.[14] But they are discovered by Rubel. When the soldiers have a private meeting with Rubel, Clare guesses he is Miria's source of information.[15]

Return to RabonaEdit

After Cynthia, Deneve, Helen and Yuma return from Lautrec (along with Dietrich), rush to Rabona, under siege by awakened beings and Yoma.[16]

When they find out that Miria left to destroy the Organization, Galatea suspects the invasion is revenge for Miria's assault—proof of Miria's Theory.[17]


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