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Etat major[1] (general staff fr)

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幹部[2] Kanbu Speaker.svg








Administers Organization

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Unknown foreign power (Miria's theory)


You've lost contact with No. 47?[3]

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Scene 41, Anime Scene 15

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Unofficial English translation. 幹部[4] (Kanbu) translates as "Executive," a generic, non-descriptive noun for person or group having administrative authority in an organization.

Appears only in "Yoma War Record." Unnamed by characters in manga and anime.

Description[edit | edit source]

Command group leading the Organization.[5] Headed by Limt, Executive holds meetings with Men in Black, Claymore warriors and specialists like Dae—scientist/leader of the Retrieval Squad.

Seven executive seats.[6] Six members shown.[7] Other than Limt, members are unnamed.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Dressed in medieval black robes, covered with belts and pieces of armor. Often enlarged veins on head. Some members show evidence of past injuries.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Executive members behave like military officers during wartime.[8] Claymore warriors and other personnel routinely expended as tactical/strategic necessity.[9]

History[edit | edit source]

Miria's theory[edit | edit source]

According to Miria's theory, Organization originated from unknown continent, where endless war is taking place between two powers—one side allied with Dragons' Descendents, versus the parent power of Organization.[10]

A century ago, parent power began using island as test site for controlled, Awakened Being experiments.[11]

Gonahl[edit | edit source]

Executive has meeting with Rubel. The awakened body of Ophelia has been found in mountain lake.[12]

Executive members debate whether Clare's transplant of Teresa succeeded or not.[13]

Limt orders Ermita to find Clare.[14] Claymore_Limt_(Rimuto)
Decision to find Clare

Battle of the North[edit | edit source]

During Battle of the North, Limt gets into a argument with Galatea, who criticizes the sacrifice of 24 warriors, saying they are simply buying time to complete Alicia.[15]

Clarice[edit | edit source]

Miata[edit | edit source]

Clarice reports to Limt at an Executive meeting. She only counted 17 swords as grave-marks. Seven are missing. Everyone but Rubel dismisses the possibility of survivors. Nina is replaced with warrior No. 7 (Anastasia, unnamed).[16]

Galatea[edit | edit source]

During the next Executive meeting, Limt notes how well Clarice has stabilized Miata. He issues new assignment.

Limt orders Galatea's purge for desertion. When Clarice protests, Limt insists Clarice can do the task with Miata's help.[17]

Dae[edit | edit source]

At Executive meeting, Dae shows Priscilla's arm, which he extracted from Raki's shoulder. Dae asks whose arm is it.[18]

Later, Dae asks Limt for permission to reactivate a project: resurrecting former No. 1s, but this time using Priscilla's arm. Limt authorizes Dae to restart project.[19]

Rebellion[edit | edit source]

Panic[edit | edit source]

In the Executive chamber, Men in Black assess the situation—trainees deserting and the rebels' impeding attack.[20]

Inquiry[edit | edit source]

Rafutera reports to Limt. He asks why she did not sense Miria's presence. She says since she was not asked about Miria's Yoma aura, she did think it necessary to answer. Limt now realizes that Rafutera has betrayed the Organization. He asks her why.[21]

Rafutera say during the final attack on Miria, the warriors felt confusion, fear, anger and sorrow as well as love and respect. Still half-human, the warriors hesitated at killing a sister warrior.[22]

Judgment[edit | edit source]

Limt's inquiry is actually Rafutera's court-martial. Rafutera is impaled by spears as punishment (and taken prisoner).[23]

Dae still needs several hours to deploy the resurrected No. 1s. To buy time, Limt orders all "things" (Abyss Feeders) released outside, despite their indiscriminate attacks. Loyal personnel must stay indoors.[24]

Resurrected[edit | edit source]

Dae releases the the three resurrected No. 1s. Despite panicky subordinates, Limt is unconcerned as the three former No. 1s, Hysteria, Roxanne and Cassandra, proceed on their mission of annihilation.[25]

Executive chamber[edit | edit source]

After the deaths of Roxanne and Hysteria, Miria, Deneve and Helen invade the Executive chamber.

Deserted[edit | edit source]

The warriors find it deserted.[26] In flashback, Raki says personnel fled Headquarters when Cassandra, Roxanne and Hysteria awakened.[27]

Miria orders Deneve and Helen to search the premises. And that any personnel found are to be killed.[28]

Secret room[edit | edit source]

Miria relocates a pilastered portal. She forces open the wall panel, leading to a downstairs chamber, where a specimen of the Dragons' Descendents is chained. Tubes attached to the body provide life-support.[29]

Limt[edit | edit source]

Limt appears. For unexplained reasons, he has stayed behind. He notices that Miria appears familiar with the dragon. Then he points out the humanoid form hanging from the ceiling.

He reveals that the Dragons' Descendents are a hermaphrodite people, who once awaken, remain in their dragon form. They have a lifespan of 200 years. And their tissue, when combined, provide the source material used for implants in humans, who develop into Yoma.

The smaller, humanoid specimen, when awakened, would become like the larger, dragon-like specimen.[30]

Miria admits being inside the chamber nine years ago, then realizing the source of the parasitic implants. She notes that the Organization violated their own rule about never killing humans, as they turned humans into Yoma, then ordered their warriors to kill these former humans. She beheads Limt, then cuts the life-support tubes of the specimens.[31]

End of Organization[edit | edit source]

Miria is strangely reticent and reveals little to Deneve and Helen.

Outside, as the Ghosts regenerate the wounded on the battlefield, Miria announces the death of Limt.[32]

References[edit | edit source]

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