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"Twin goddesses"

VIZ Media name

Destroyer[1] Speaker.svg (en-us)


Name: Beserker[2] Speaker.svg (de), Destructor[3] Speaker.svg (es-es), Destructeur[4] Speaker.svg (fr), arma di distruzione[5] Speaker.svg (weapon of destruction it)
Nickname: Messenger of Despair[6] Speaker.svg (en-us)

Original name

破壊者[7] hakai-sha Speaker.svg (destroyer)

Rank No.

1 and 2 of the Old Generation (Luciela Era)

Current status

Phase VII




Offensive: unknown ability


That is no longer Rafaela nor Luciela...It's...the Destroyer.[8]

First appearance

Scene 93 (Twin Godddesses phase)

  • Scene 093.jpg Destroyer—7 phases ↓
    • Luciela x Rafaela link.jpg I. Luciela x Rafaela
    • Destroyer link.jpg II. Twin goddesses
      • Parasitic Rod link.jpg Rod ↓
        • Hellcat link.jpg Hellcat
        • Infected Host link.jpg Infected host
    • Yoma Energy Mass link.jpg III. Mass being
    • Yoma Energy Mass + Clare.jpg IV. Mass being + Clare
    • Scene 109.jpg V. Cocoon
    • Destroyer-Priscilla.jpg VI. Destroyer–Priscilla
    • Destroyer-Riful's Daughter.jpg VII. Destroyer–Riful's daughter

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Scanlation origin[edit | edit source]

Unnamed by characters in original Japanese text. This entity is given a variety of names in translations, usually a synonym of "destroyer."

Originally a scanlation invention, "Destroyer" as a proper name is now used by VIZ Media.

Clare[edit | edit source]

Clare first describes the entity as a 破壊者 in generic sense of "vandal" or "breaker"[9]

Clare's second "use" of "destroyer" is actually "broken," not "destroyer" or "destroyed."[10] Clare's original dialog (ラファエラとルシエラの融合体から吐き出された破壊する者の断片だ) can be translated as "From the fused Rafaela and Luciela, fragments were broken and expelled."[11]

What Clare is saying that the "breaker"—the fused Rafaela and Luciela—is "breaking" up fragments of itself from within, then expelling these fragments, which appear in the form of rods.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Various forms. Begins as two merged sisters, one a Creature of the Abyss, the other a Claymore warrior.

Then it awakens as a skyscraper structure with four skeleton wings resembling the radio antennae. Similar to Teresa and Clare, twin Goddesses of Love. Winged figure motif may derive from Norihiro Yagi's Angel Densetsu.

Later changes into a mass of Yoma energy, which contracts into a cocoon.

Datasheet[edit | edit source]

Class[edit | edit source]

Both Luciela and Rafaela are of the offensive type.[12] Having no Organization datasheet in the "Yoma War Record," the ability and baselines of the Destroyer itself are unknown.

Appears to have high strength (shapeshifting) and Yoma power baselines.

Deneve senses the Destroyer to be more powerful than the Abyssal Ones.[13]

Ability[edit | edit source]

Rod[edit | edit source]

Crown-like structure extrudes from the mouth. The rods are mounted like cartridges on a machine-gun belt. The crown fires barrages at a 360 degree angle.

Fan-reader phrase "parasitic rod" may allude to the parasitic rods of the Yagi antenna.

Yoma energy mass[edit | edit source]

The Destroyer has the shapeshifting ability to flood the surrounding environment with Yoma energy and tissue. The Yoma energy mass takes the form of demonic, female humanoid shapes.[14]

Technique[edit | edit source]

Techniques are unnamed by the characters.

History[edit | edit source]

The Destroyer has 7 phases:

  • Phase I: Luciela x Rafaela
  • Phase II: Twin goddesses
  • Phase III: Mass being
  • Phase IV: Mass being + Clare
  • Phase V: Cocoon—Destroyer + Clare + Priscilla
  • Phase VI: Destroyer–Priscilla—binary entity
  • Phase VII: Destroyer–Riful's daughter—binary entity

Phase I[edit | edit source]

Luciela x Rafaela[edit | edit source]

After 7-year timeskip, Riful captures Renée near Doga.[15]

Renée regains consciousness. She hangs from ceiling of castle cellar. Her right arm is missing. Below sits Riful.[16]

Renée sees both her legs severed—she screams. Riful offers to let Renée reattach her limbs if she cooperates. Dauf drags in a strange object. He raises it in front of Renée.[17] It is the merged sisters, Luciela x Rafaela.

Danger[edit | edit source]

Renée demands that she be allowed to reattach her limbs, before probing Luciela x Rafaela.[18]

As Renée reattaches her limbs, she probes the entity. Renée finds life fragments of someone. But when she touches it, an explosion hurls her back into the physical world.[19]

She realizes the entity must never awaken.[20]

Lacroix[edit | edit source]

In Lacroix village, Clare and Cynthia fight a female awakened, while Yuma knocks unconscious an Organization search and rescue team. The awakened is killed.[21] But Rubel witnesses everything. Later in a private meeting, Cynthia realizes that Rubel is a mole for the Dragons' allies.[22]

Witch's Maw II[edit | edit source]

Baited by Rubel, the warriors search for Renée and Rafaela. In a Lautrec forest, they encounter Dauf, who grabs Yuma's leg—but Clare cuts it off.[23] While Cynthia regenerates Yuma's leg, Clare follows Dauf into Witch's Maw II. A fight inside the castle results. But Clare escapes.[24]

During the commotion, Renée takes a suppressant pill and flees. Dauf tries to pursue her, but she loses him. Riful destroys the forest and presumably Renée. While Riful and Dauf are distracted, Clare reenters the castle.[25]

Dream world[edit | edit source]

Clare enters the mind of Luciela x Rafaela. In a dream world, Clare and Jean meet Rafaela in a replay of Scene 50.[26]

When Clare reaches out to Jean, Jean is gone. Rafaela attacks and kills Clare. But Clare wakes from dream within dream. Switching from Windcutter to Quicksword, Clare kills Rafaela with Ilena's arm. Rafaela gives Clare all her memories, among which is "something you must know."[27]

Phase II[edit | edit source]

Awakening[edit | edit source]

When the merged sisters awakens, the castle bursts apart.[28]

Clare's naked body emerges from mass of Yoma tissue. She gazes on sky-high entity—the Destroyer—a demonic parody of twin goddesses of love, Teresa and Clare.[29]

The goddess Destroyer forms crown of rods, resembling radiant halo of the Roman god Apollo.[30] A 180 degree barrage of rods begins as Deneve and Helen reach Clare.[31]

Hellcats[edit | edit source]

The mewing rods morph into Hellcats, which attack Clare, Deneve and Helen.[32]

Deneve, Helen and Clare counterattack. One Hellcat shoots rods into Deneve's arm. The rods prove parasitic—they absorb the life of any living thing they touch.[33]

When one Hellcat fires a barrage of Rods, Clare ricochets the rods back to the source.[34]

Hellcats surround the warriors, bringing back memories of Pieta.[35]

Clare[edit | edit source]

Between rod volleys, Priscilla finds the source of Teresa's scent. Clare confronts Priscilla for first time since Clare's childhood.[36] Clare is ready to abandon friends and her humanity to avenge Teresa's death.[37]

But Jean's mental "block" prevents Clare from awakening, causing her attacks to fail. Deneve and Helen grab Clare and flee Priscilla.[38]

Dauf[edit | edit source]

Deneve decides to seek refuge with the Destroyer. .[39]

Dauf intercepts Priscilla. But she defeats him. Her memory nearly restored, she continues her pursuit.[40]

Phase III[edit | edit source]

Mass entity[edit | edit source]

While pursuing the warriors, Priscilla is hit with tentacles from the Destroyer. Priscilla then attacks the Destroyer with her own tentacles. The Destroyer crumbles apart, only to reveal its true form—a Yoma energy mass of demonic female shapes, swallowing all life it touches.[41]

Phase IV[edit | edit source]

Controlling the Destroyer[edit | edit source]

Deneve and Helen fight Priscilla, but Clare takes control of the Destroyer. Priscilla is struck by tentacles. She disintegrates Destroyer, Priscilla too gets swallowed.[42]

Deneve notes that the Destroyer can be entered and controlled, as Clare does when using Destroyer to attack Priscilla.[43]

Phase V[edit | edit source]

Return to Holy City[edit | edit source]

Ghosts bring back the cocoon to Rabona. As Galatea probes the cocoon, she realizes that releasing Clare means releasing Priscilla.[44]

Clare emerges[edit | edit source]

Raki[edit | edit source]

On seeing the Awakened emerging from the Yoma cocoon, Raki blurts out Priscilla's name. When Helen questions him, Raki only says the Awakened resembles someone he knows.[45]

Galatea cannot detect Clare's aura and sees little hope of pulling out Clare. But Raki approaches the cocoon, despite Galatea's warning. Deneve defends Raki's decision.

When Raki lays on hands and speaks to the cocoon, tentacles pierce his body. Galatea calls for help, but Raki says the cocoon is only probing his body. The tentacles soon withdraw.[46]

A section of the cocoon crumbles and out comes Clare.[47]

Friends rejoined[edit | edit source]

After Deneve sews up Clare's stigma, the Ghosts look on as Raki hugs a tearful Clare with all his might.[48]

Phase VI[edit | edit source]

Binary entity[edit | edit source]

Chronos notes the odd behavior of Priscilla, ignoring the easy targets among the Claymore warriors and the humans in the city.[49]

Chronos warns Lars to evade. Tentacles explode from Priscilla's position, hitting some of the spectators, who awaken into a myriad of forms.[50] One female Awakened shrivels up as life force is drained from her body.[51]

Chronos now realizes that the "attack" on the awakeneds is unintentional. A new binary "entity," made up of the Destroyer and Priscilla, are resuming their combat fought elsewhere. But now the spectators are caught up in the maelstrom and becoming collateral damage.[52]

Phase VII[edit | edit source]

Riful's daughter[edit | edit source]

Destroyer–Priscilla combats Riful's daughter. Priscilla is temporarily defeated, but escapes the grip of Riful's daughter. Priscilla rejoins her near-severed head and vomits out the remains of the Destroyer.[53]

Priscilla thanks Riful's daughter for helping to expel the Destroyer.[54]

Endless energy[edit | edit source]

In a perpetual cycle of destruction and creation, the combatants continually damage each other then regenerate. Riful's daughter has overcome her energy limit by tapping into the remnants of the Destroyer. Priscilla begins to realize this herself, as does Rubel.[55]

References[edit | edit source]

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