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Flora's Baselines

VIZ Media name



básica[2] (es-es), initiale[3] (fr), normale[4] (it)

Original name

基本[5] Kihon (base)


Defensive, offensive, special


Six power ratings

Current status



Claymore warrior, awakened being


Without relying on bursts of Yoma power, and keeping her energy suppressed, she's built up her baseline speed.[6]

First appearance

Yoma War Record I

Baseline ↓

  • Yoma Power link.jpg Yoma power
  • Agile link.jpg Agility
  • Strength link.jpg Strength
  • Mental link.jpg Mental
  • Sensing link.jpg Sensing
  • Leadership link.jpg Leadership


In the manga, 基本[7] (base) is translated as "baseline" by VIZ Media.[8] First mention by Deneve in reference to Miria's speed (agility) during the sword-match between Miria and Clare. For general definition, see baseline.

For Claymore warriors, the six baselines appear on the Yoma War Record datasheets, which are listed in the "Ability" infobox together with the warrior's type, innate ability and learned technique.

For awakened beings, five baselines appear on the datasheets.



Organization's rating of each Claymore warrior's fighting potential, broken down in six Baselines:

  1. Yoma power
  2. Agility
  3. Strength
  1. Mental
  2. Sensing
  3. Leadership

What is a baseline?[]

Quantity of a native quality, being the measure of an innate trait or ability, unenhanced by Yoma power, or modified by other means. Yoma power baseline itself on datasheet is reserved/unused measurement.

Abilities and techniques are usually founded on one baseline, though other baselines can be involved.


Awakened beings' baselines are also given in the Yoma War Record.

Yoma power[]

Yoma power release can raise agility and strength performance above the baseline. Or lower mental, sensing and leadership performance below the baseline.

A high Yoma power reserve, however, may accompany high baselines in other areas.[9][10][11]

Contrary to popular perception, Claymore warriors do not need Yoma power to enable other baselines. Usually, Yoma power is used to enhance agility and strength on an emergency basis only.[12]

During the 7-year timeskip, the Ghosts display the use of five baselines without resorting to Yoma power.[13]


The history and methods used by the Organization to measure the baselines of warriors and Awakened are unknown. Dae displays an ability to sense Yoma energy emanating from Priscilla's arm during an Executive meeting.[14]


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