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Awakened hunt
Awakened Hunt.jpg
Awakened hunt in Paburo Mountains

VIZ Media name

Hunt[1] (en-us)


Name: Jagd[2] (Hunt de), caza[3] (hunt es-es), cacería[4] (hunting party es-es), chasse[5] (hunt fr), caccia[6] (hunt it)
Other: hunting party[7] (en-us), 異常食欲者狩り[8] Ijō Syokuyoku-sha Gari (voracious eater hunt ja), 覚醒者討伐[9] Kakusei-sha tōbatsu (subjugation of awakening ja)

Original name

覚醒者の討伐[10] Kakusei-sha no Tōbatsu


Defensive, offensive, special


Team of warriors assigned to hunt awakened beings

Current status



Public, Organization

Associated technique



If we get a request, we'll send a group to deal with them.[11]

First appearance

Scene 25, Anime Scene 9


"Awakened hunt" is but one variant of 覚醒者の討伐, which can be variously translated as "punitive awakened expedition," "awakened person hunt" and the like.

In one scene, VIZ Media translates 覚醒者の討伐 as "hit squad."[12]




Team of two or more Claymore warriors, assigned to hunt and kill awakened beings. A single-digit captain and three double-digit warriors is the usual configuration.

A hunt is dispatched by the Organization on request from client. The post-Battle of the North situation in Alfons is an exception, where hunts are proactive.[13]


A few single-digit warriors, such as Cassandra, are assigned alone to missions. In Nirohiro Yagi's earlier series, Angel Densetsu, a dream depicts a combat resembling a solo Awakened hunt.[14]

Mission Flow[]

Hunts are similar to solo assignments.[15]

  • Yoma outbreak in client's locale
  • Request for Yoma suppression by client
  • Headquarters to accept or reject request
  • Dispatch of warrior via Man in Black
  • Execution of mission by warrior
  • Collection of fee if mission successful
  • Mission report, analysis of accumulated results



Chronological order[]

  • Hilda's Hunt link.jpg Hilda's hunt
  • Ophelia's Hunt link.jpg Ophelia's hunt
  • Toriro Hunt link.jpg Toriro hunt
  • Paburo Hunt link.jpg Paburo hunt
  • Gonahl Hunt link.jpg Gonahl hunt
  • Zakol Hunt link.jpg Zakol hunt
  • Lucia link.jpg Pieta hunt
  • Dabi Hunt link.jpg Dabi hunt
  • Audrey's Hunt link.jpg Audrey's hunt
  • Dietrich's Hunt link.jpg Dietrich's hunt
  • Riful Hunt.jpg Riful hunt
  • Anastasia's Hunt.jpg Anastasia's hunt

Chronology unknown[]

  • Elizabeth's Hunt.jpg Elizabeth's hunt


  • Battle Group.jpg Battle group: multi-Awakened hunt-like teams


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