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Awakened Beings
Awakened beings from anime

VIZ Media name

Awakened being[1] (en-us Speaker)


Name: Erwachte[2] Speaker (awakened de), Revelado[3] Speaker (Revealed One es-es), Exaltée[4] Speaker (awakened fr), Risvegliate[5] Speaker (awakened it), Пробудившаяся[6] Probudivshayasya Speaker (awakened ru), 覺醒者[7] Juéxǐng-zhě Speaker (awakened being zh-hk)
Nickname: Voracious Eater[8]

Original name

覚醒者[9] Kakusei-sha Speaker (awakened being)

Rank No.


Current status





Organization, Abyssal Ones


Offensive, special


It's better to let the masses think that they're Yoma that lived long and evolved.[10]

First appearance

Scene 26, Anime Scene 9

  • Awakened being ↓
    • Scene 087 link Abyss Feeder
    • Riful awakened link Abyssal One ↓
      • Destroyer link Destroyer
        • Parasitic Rod link Rod ↓
          • Hellcat link Hellcat


覚醒者[11] first mention by Ilena. Translated as "awakened one"[12] by VIZ Media.

覚醒者 translated as "awakened being" first appears in Scene 25, when Rubel explains the term to Clare.[13]

覚醒者 can also be translated as "those aroused." May allude to sexual ecstasy or arousal.



When awakened male warriors revert to human form, they appear as men in their 20–30s, such as Isley, Rigaldo and Dauf.

Human forms of awakened females can range from “tweens” such as Riful or Priscilla, to a woman in her 20–30s such as Agatha.


Unlike most Yoma, the appearance of awakened beings vary widely. The art styles used to depict them range from Expressionist to Cubist. Individual awakened, such as the Destroyer or Hysteria, can metamorphose through several stages.

Awakened have the following forms:


  • Awakened link Hilda: rooster (anime)
  • Hysteria Awakened link Hysteria: harpy


  • Agatha Awakened link Agatha: crab
  • Lobster Awakened link Lobster awakened


  • Europa awakened Europa: brittle star


  • Parasitic Rod link Rod: lamprey


  • Cassandra Awakened link Cassandra: hydra-like
  • Destroyer link Destroyer: twin goddesses
  • Dreadlock Awakened link Dreadlock awakened
  • Dauf Dauf: armored knight
  • Flame-hair Awakened link Flame-hair awakened
  • Hilda Awakened manga link Hilda: mummy (manga)
  • Mannequin Awakened link Mannequin awakened
  • Priscilla Awakened link Priscilla: fallen angel


  • Insectile Awakened link Insectile awakened: mosquito
  • Anime Scene 16 link Jean: butterfly

  • Katea Katea: crane fly
  • Anime Scene 10 link Paburo awakened: mantis


  • Armadillo Awakened link Armadillo awakened
  • Hellcat link Hellcat
  • Isley Awakened link Isley: centaur
  • Luciela Awakened link Luciela: cat
  • Octavia awakened Octavia: Lady Godiva on horseback
  • Rigaud Awakened link Rigaldo: lion


  • Former Single-digit Awakened Former Single-digit: squid
  • Riful awakened link Riful: mermaid-octopus


  • Ophelia Awakened link Ophelia: serpent
  • Stegosaur Awakened link Stegosaur awakened
  • Tyrannosaur Awakened link Tyrannosaur awakened


  • Roxanne Awakened link Roxanne


  • Scene 131 Tapeworm awakened



All known awakened are offensive type warriors, their innate abilities unknown beyond general description. Exceptions would be Alicia and Beth, special type warriors (Yoma War Record III).

Defensive type awakened have yet to be described in Claymore series. Non-Claymore awakened are of unknown quality.

Baselines are of much higher magnitude than Claymore warriors (Yoma War Record II, III). Abyssal Ones, however, are considered unmeasurable by the Organization.



Rubel reveals to Clare that outside the Organization, awakened beings are called "Voracious Eaters"—alleged long-lived Yoma of extreme power and appetite. But this is disinformation meant for the public. He further reveals that awakened beings are former Claymore warriors.[14]

Paburo huntEdit

In Paburo Mountains, Miria repeats similar allegations, adding that male awakened beings are all former Claymore warriors. But Paburo awakened Being says Miria is making a "major mistake."[15]

Witch's MawEdit

Clare learns about Abyssal Ones—former No. 1 Claymore warriors, whose form and abilities are similar to those of lesser awakened beings and Yoma, but are vastly more powerful—strong enough to control an entire quadrant of the Island world of Claymore.[16]

Miria's theoryEdit

After the engagement with Agatha, the Ghosts, Galatea, Clarice and Miata hear Miria's theory. Miria speculates that the island is a test site for controlled, awakened being experiments.

Miria concludes the Organization, ostensibly a charity, is a cover for a military-intelligence, bio-warfare operation, using island to isolate its experiments from mainland.[17]


Anastasia's hunt confront a group of male, non-Claymores, who escaped from a Yoma-making facility.[18] They awaken, but are destroyed by the Ghosts and Dietrich.[19]

Later, as the warriors discuss the current situation, Deneve recalls the Paburo awakened saying Miria was mistaken. The mistake could be Miria believing that the Organization stopped making male awakened beings.[20]


Tankōbon Claymore volumes cited are VIZ Media (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted. Manga scenes (chapters) not yet translated cite Shueisha tankōbon (ja) editions. Manga scenes not yet published in tankōbon form cite Jump SQ (ja) editions. Fragments of Silver Omnibus (総集編 銀の断章 Gin no Danshou) 1–3, Shueisha, are only available in Japanese. Anime scenes (episodes) cited are FUNimation (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted.

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