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Audrey, tankōbon 21 front fold

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VIZ Media name

Audrey[1] Speaker.svg


Audrey[2][3][4][5] (de Speaker.svg, es-es Speaker.svg, fr Speaker.svg, it Speaker.svg), 오드리[6] Odeuli (ko), 奧德莉 Àodélì Speaker.svg (zh-hk), 歐朵麗 Ōuduolì Speaker.svg (zh-tw)

Original name

オードリー[7] Ōdorī Speaker.svg

Rank No.

3 of the Next Generation[8]

Current status





Defensive:[9] unknown ability


柔の剣[10] Yawara no Ken Speaker.svg (Gentle Sword)[11]


I am No. 3. Is that answer enough for you?[12]

First appearance

Scene 68


"Audrey" derives from Old English æðel (noble) and þryð (strength). Name of a 7th century princess of East Anglia, England and numerous actresses.



Wears hair in long layers, without bangs, as opposed to the typical manga hime style of the twins, Alicia and Beth. Resembles an adult version of Miata, though the personalities are completely different. Audrey usually wears a supercilious expression.


A curved lozenge-shaped buckle[13] holds 2-layer spaulders on the shoulders.


She presents a mock polite, calm facade to Riful. But when Audrey finally senses Riful's true Yoma Energy inside the aura of an ordinary Awakened, she wets herself on Riful's body.[14]

Audrey's closest associate appears to be Rachel.[15]



Audrey is a defensive type[16] warrior. Having no Organization datasheet in the "Yoma War Record," her ability and baselines are unknown. Appears to have a high sensing baseline.


Sensing Ability enables sensing technique that Riful calls Gentle Sword, in which Audrey ricochets a tentacle attack, causing pieces of tentacle to pierce Riful.[17]


Early life unknown.


In the cold open of Scene 68, Audrey is first seen sitting on the corpse of an Awakened Being. Rachel gossips about the Dabi hunt in Alfons. Rachel says "Ghosts" from the Battle of the North rescued Nina and her party.[18]

Meeting the Ghosts[]

Later, the Ghosts save Audrey and Rachel from themselves as Audrey's hunt is defeated by Riful.[19] After escaping Riful, Miria uses psychology to elicit answers about Alicia and Beth from Audrey.[20]


Return from the dead[]

When Miria attacks Organization Headquarters, she fights and defeats both Audrey and Rachel.[21] After appearing to be killed by the Claymore warriors, Miria returns to lead Rebellion.[22]

Audrey reaffirms Miria's "No kill" policy, then submits to Miria's command.[23]

Resurrected No. 1s[]

While Miria fights Hysteria and the Twin Trainees fight Roxanne, Audrey, Rachel and Nina fight Cassandra. When Nina wounds Cassandra with Shadow-chaser, Cassandra revives her secret technique.[24]

Cassandra attacks with Dusteater. Feet anchored in ground as a pivot, her head begins bobbing like metronome (upside-down pendulum). As body collapses to ground-level, swinging to and fro, sword swings scythe-like, wide and close to ground—blade striking target's limbs.[25]

Cassandra dodges Audrey's counterattack. Cassandra cuts off Audrey's arms. Then Rachel's remaining leg, then arms. Then Nina's arms.[26]

But when Cassandra is about the deliver the coup de grace to Audrey, her cut veers off course, delivering a non-fatal wound.[27]

Cassandra stops attacking Audrey. As Cassandra's memories return, her old wounds reopen and blood rains on Audrey.[28] Cassandra awakens.[29]

Limbless, Audrey orders the Twin Trainees to flee with the other trainees. But the Twins insist on evacuating the wounded on the battlefield.[30]

End of Organization[]

After the deaths of Hysteria and Roxanne, Miria, Deneve and Helen invade the Executive facility.

Meanwhile, Yuma regenerates Audrey's limbs on the battlefield. Audrey is made whole. Soon Miria announces the death of Limt.[31]


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