Anime Scene 6
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Clare comforting Teresa

FUNimation title

Teresa and Clare[1]


Teresa und Clare[2] (de), Thérèsa et Claire[3] (fr), Teresa e Claire[4] (it)

Original title

テレサとクレア[5] Teresa to Kurea (Teresa and Clare)

New character

Clare's foster family


Live as a human, grow as a human. Die a human death. This is the greatest gift I can possibly give to you....


Unknown region


Village of Rokut

Manga arc

Marked for Death

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  • Teresa arc:
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    • Anime Scene 06 link.jpg 6: Teresa and Clare
    • Anime Scene 07 link.jpg 7: Marked for Death
    • Anime Scene 08 link.jpg 8: Awakening

Cold open[edit | edit source]

Flashback: Teresa names the mysterious girl Clare after one of the the twin goddesses, Teresa and Clare. Teresa speculates that Clare's parents wanted to to have the goddess' traits. As they journey through the wilderness, Lig follows.

New home[edit | edit source]

Teresa and Clare finally reach the village of Rokut, where Teresa intends to leave Clare.

Stalker[edit | edit source]

That night, Teresa encounters Lig in the forest. Possessing low self-esteem, Teresa apathetically consents to Lig's sexual advances, but Clare attacks him with a by stick. When Lig beats Clare, Teresa uses his sword to frighten him away.

Clare hugs Teresa's exposed stigma, such is her lover for Teresa. Only then does Teresa realize that Clare was only trying to comfort her back in Teo. Now they bond as mother and daughter.

Rokut[edit | edit source]

New family[edit | edit source]

The next day, Teresa buys Clare new clothes. Outside the dress shop, Teresa kills a Yoma. But when Teresa finds a new family for Clare, Clare throws away her new outfit. But Teresa leaves Clare with her new family.


Deadly return[edit | edit source]

As Teresa climbs a mountain road, a dust cloud hovers below—the bandit gang gallops toward Rokut. She realizes the Yoma inadvertently protected Rokut.

She rushes back. Rokut ablaze, most of the villagers are dead. Teresa catches Lig dragging an unconscious Clare. She cuts off Lig's other hand, then bisects him in two.

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Studio profiles of Lig

Sword-fight[edit | edit source]

Boss challenges Teresa with his Falcon Sword, the "blade" made of a series of segments that stretch apart. The sword has whip-like properties, enabling Boss to reach several meters. But Teresa defeats him anyway.

But from a roof-top, Orsay sees everything. Clare awakens amid the slaughtered gang.

End of bandit gang

Execution[edit | edit source]

Question of concern[edit | edit source]

Day. An execution party of five warriors surround Teresa. Orsay restrains Clare. When Teresa asks what is to become of Clare, Orsay says that is of no concern of her. Teresa then paralyzes the warriors with non-lethal wounds.

New orders[edit | edit source]

As Teresa and Clare leave, Orsay orders Ermita to send warriors No. 2–5 to find and purge Teresa.

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