Anime Scene 26
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FUNimation title

To the Successors[1]


Zu den Nachfolgern[2] (de), Vers les successeurs[3] (fr), Coloro che verranno[4] (it)

Original title

受け継ぐものへ[5] Ta ga tame ni (To the Inheritors)

New character



There are those who want you to live.[6]





Anime arc

Priscilla–Clare (original to anime)

Previous scene

Anime Scene 25

First scene

Anime Scene 1

  • Priscilla–Clare arc:
    • Anime Scene 24 link.jpg 24: Critical Point II
    • Anime Scene 25 link.jpg 25: For Whose Sake
    • Anime Scene 26 link.jpg 26: To the Successors

Cold open[edit | edit source]

Flashbacks—Miria's revealing Clare's past with Teresa, Deneve and Helen realizing that Clare is trying to avenge the death of Teresa.

Last round[edit | edit source]

Jumbled memories[edit | edit source]

Priscilla continues to confuse Clare with the Yoma that killed her family, as well as with Teresa. Priscilla fires countless Yoma rods at Clare, who in her evolving awakened form, deflects.

Beginning of the end[edit | edit source]

Despite Clare's increasing Yoma power, Priscilla still dominates the fight. She grabs Clare and drops her into the volcano interior.

Sudden reversal[edit | edit source]

But flashbacks of Teresa revive Clare, whose awakened form evolves even further. She once again challenges Priscilla, who now fails to keep up.

Priscilla, hit with multiple counterattacks, plunges inside the volcano. Priscilla reverts to her human form. As Clare approaches, Priscilla hallucinates her as Teresa.

Raki stops beheading

But before Clare can behead Priscilla, Raki stops her. As Clare loses control of her body, Jean intervenes and pulls Raki to safety. But Clare's mandibles penetrate Jean.

Jean, now mortally wounded, uses the last of her life force to bring Clare back to normal. In a vortex of Yoma power, Jean is left dead, but Clare is back to normal.

In an unexpected move, Isley snatches up Priscilla. He calls for a truce and vanishes.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Pieta church[edit | edit source]

Later in a Pieta church, Galatea remotely observes the combat between Priscilla and Clare from the interior of a Pieta church, its stained-glass window depicting the goddesses Teresa and Clare.[9]

Rubel suddenly appears and asks if Clare is still alive. Galatea falsely reports that Clare's Yoma aura is undetectable. As Rubel leaves, thinking Clare is dead, Galatea silently wishes Clare good luck.[10]

Volcano[edit | edit source]

Miria, Deneve and Helen

Miria, Deneve and Helen leave Clare and Raki at the volcano. The three comrades split up, Deneve and Helen going one way, and Miria going another. Miria plans to live among the civilian population, gathering evidence against the Organization.Back at the volcano, Clare grieves at the grave of Jean. But Clare gets up. Finally, she asks if Raki wishes to accompany her on her life's journey, yet undetermined. Which he does.

As Clare and Raki climb down the volcano, she turns to take one last look. Final iconic image—Teresa's ghost, standing by Jean's grave-mark, bidding farewell.

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Leaving the volcano

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