Anime Scene 18
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Battle group before the church

FUNimation title

The Carnage in the North I[1]


Der Krieg im Norden I[2] (de), La Guerre du Nord (Première Partie)[3] (fr), La guerra del nord - I[4] (it)

Original title

北の戦乱 I[5] Kita no senran I (Northern War I)

New character

Tabitha, Uma (Yuma), Flora, Matilda, Yuliana, Undine, Veronica, Cynthia, Eliza, Lily, Wendy, Carla


Better yet, just do what you want!


Unknown region, Alfons[6]


Village of Pieta,[7] forest

Manga arc

The Battle of the North

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  • Carnage in the North arc:
    • Anime Scene 18 link.jpg 18: Part I
    • Anime Scene 19 link.jpg 19: Part II
    • Anime Scene 20 link.jpg 20: Part III

Cold open[edit | edit source]

Flashback from Anime Scene 17—in the northern region of Alfons the Pieta hunt, lead by Eva, is being attack by awakened beings. Lucia cries out that Kate is down. Then Lucia goes down herself.

Surprise encounter[edit | edit source]

In a forest, Jean continues to follow Clare, much to Clare's chagrin. Suddenly, Rubel steps out of the shadows. As does warrior No. 5, Rafaela.

Rubel warn Clare not to engage Rafaela, who can easily take on both her and Jean. Then he begins to state the purpose of this unusual meeting. In the northern region of Alfons, No. 7 and the hunt she lead was wiped out.

As a result of this emergency, the Organization is prepared to give Clare a pardon if she joins a battle group assembling in Pieta. Their purpose is to destroy the awakened beings responsible for the disaster.

As a further incentive, Rubel adds that a boy fitting Raki's description was reported heading up north. Clare can either join the battle group, or remain south. But the Organization can find and execute her at anytime. The choice is hers.

Pieta[edit | edit source]

Beginning of the north[edit | edit source]

Back in uniform amid the snowy streets of Pieta, Clare gives up on discouraging Jean's persistent stalking. In exasperation Clare tells Jean to do whatever she wants.

Clare is then surprised by an attacking warrior—Helen. Jean takes the mock assault seriously and counterattacks, sending Helen into full retreat. But Deneve stops Jean from advancing and suggests Jean mind her own business. But soon apologies and self-recriminations go around.

Warrior No. 8, Flora, calls the meeting of the battle group to attention. When Helen asks if Flora is leader of the battle group, Flora replies that it is someone ranked higher—No. 6, Miria.

Helen greets Clare

Miria makes her appearance, addressing the warriors from the portico of the church in the plaza.

Windcutter[edit | edit source]

When the warriors are frightened by the reported presence of awakened beings, Undine ridicules them. Deneve makes uncomplimentary remarks about Undine, leading to a quarrel, which spreads among the other warriors. A riot is brewing. Before Miria can act, Flora demonstrates her Windcutter, frightening the battle group into silence.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Miria divides the 24 warriors into five awakened hunt-like teams—Miria, Flora, Jean, Undine and Veronica leading as team captains. Each team is to concentrate on a single Awakened.

Battle group teams[edit | edit source]

Some portraits below are from the manga.

Team Veronica[edit | edit source]

  • Veronica.jpg No. 13—Veronica
  • Cynthia link.jpg No. 14—Cynthia
  • Helen link.jpg No. 22—Helen
  • Pamela link.jpg No. 35—Pamela
  • Matilda.jpg No. 41—Matilda

Team Undine[edit | edit source]

  • Undine link.jpg No. 11—Undine
  • Deneve link.jpg No. 15—Deneve
  • Zelda link.jpg No. 24—Zelda
  • Claudia link.jpg No. 36—Claudia
  • Yuliana link.jpg No. 43—Yuliana

Team Miria[edit | edit source]

  • Miria link.jpg No. 6—Miria
  • Queenie.jpg No. 20—Queenie

  • Tabitha link.jpg No. 31—Tabitha
  • Uma link.jpg No. 40—Yuma

Team Jean[edit | edit source]

  • Jean link.jpg No. 9—Jean
  • Eliza link.jpg No. 17—Eliza
  • Emilia.jpg No. 27—Emilia
  • Natalia link.jpg No. 37—Natalie
  • Deana.jpg No. 44—Diana

Team Flora[edit | edit source]

  • Flora link.jpg No. 8—Flora
  • Lily link.jpg No. 18—Lily
  • Wendy link.jpg No. 30—Wendy
  • Carla link.jpg No. 39—Carla
  • Clare link.jpg No. 47—Clare

Secret reunion[edit | edit source]

Clare meets Miria, Deneve and Helen in a cavern. The former members of the Paburo hunt touch swords, confirming their previous oath to survive and meet again. Jean as her wont has followed Clare to the cavern and joins the group of the half-awakened. After Clare recounts the events between the Paburo hunt and Riful of the West, she asks about the chances of Miria's plan succeeding.

Miria says "no chances..."

First engagement[edit | edit source]

Scouts[edit | edit source]

On the outskirts of Pieta, three men approach—scouts for the Northern Army. One scout sense the presence of 24 Claymore warriors. The bearded scout awakens into a Dreadlock awakened, despite orders to the contrary. He shoots tentacle into the village. The tentacle anchored into the buildings, he reels himself into the village.

Dreadlock attacks

In the plaza, he attacks the surprised villagers. He captures a young girl, but Miria severs his tentacle.

Defense[edit | edit source]

The battle group breaks up into teams and counter-attacks. Team Flora attacks one scout atop a roof. He uses a technique similar to Galatea's Yoma Energy Alignment and Control. He brings Flora, Lily, Wendy and Clare to their knees on the roof. Then maneuvers Carla to kill her teammates.

Clare calls on Ilena's arm for help. The arm, independent of Clare's volition, shatters the roof, toppling everyone. The scout awakens into the Armadillo awakened.

Team Jean[edit | edit source]

Jean is the last team member standing up against the Insectile awakened. But Team Veronica moves in for support. Elsewhere in the village, Team Undine rescues Team Flora from destruction.

Insectile Awakened profiles.jpg
Studio profiles of Insectile

Additional details[edit | edit source]

Cast[edit | edit source]

Manga versus anime[edit | edit source]

  • In the manga, Raki is captured by slave-traders and taken up north. The anime Raki travels north voluntarily

Video[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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