Anime Scene 15
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Clare speaks with children in Hamel

FUNimation title

The Witch's Maw I[1]


Der Hexenschlund I[2] (de), L’Antre de la Sorcière[3] (Première Partie) (fr), Nella morsa della strega - I[4] (it)

Original title

魔女の顎門 I[5] Majo no agito I (Witch's Maw I)

New character

Inn-keeper, Jean, young girl, Raquel, Raquel II, Riful (unnamed), Dauf, Katea


He is...more than that.


Sutare (Sutafu),[6] Lautrec[7]


Organization Headquarters,[8] town of Hamel, Zakol Mountains,[9] Witch's Maw

Manga arc

The Witch's Maw

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  • Witch's Maw arc:
    • Anime Scene 15 link.jpg 15: Part I
    • Anime Scene 16 link.jpg 16: Part II
    • Anime Scene 17 link.jpg 17: Part III

Cold open[edit | edit source]

At Organization Headquarters in the eastern region of Sutare, a meeting is taking plce in the Executive chamber. Chief Limt is questioning Rubel about Clare. Rubel confirms losing contact with her three months ago.

Limt seated.jpg
Studio portrait of Limt

Limt mentions that Ophelia awakened remains were found and asks if it is possible that Clare killed her. If so, the experiment implanting Teresa's flesh and blood succeeded.

Rubel expresses his doubts, but Limt decides that even the slightest possibility must be looked into.

Limt orders Ermita to find Clare.

Search for Raki[edit | edit source]

Hamel[edit | edit source]

On the outskirts of Hamel, Clare, poorly disguised as a man, ask a couple if they saw Raki. The man suggests searching Hamel.

As Clare leaves, she overhears the couple arguing over Clare's gender. Clare fooled the man, but not the woman.

Later in Hamel, Clare checks into an inn. The inn-keeper warns Clare of a group of Claymore in town. He also mentions rumors of a big Yoma up in the Zakol Mountains.

3-month Timeskip.jpg
Clare's appearance during the 3-month timeskip

Up in Clare's room, Clare checks her shrinking supply of suppressant.

Suddenly outside, four warriors march pass the inn. The apparent leader, Jean, stops in her tracks. She senses Clare's faint aura emanating from the second-story window, despite Clare being on the suppressant. But Jean dismisses it as her imagination and moves on.

Twin goddesses[edit | edit source]

The next morning, during Clare's search in town, she comes across a statue of the twin goddesses, Teresa and Clare. Two children argue before the statue. The young girl mentions someone fitting Raki's description.

On questioning the girl, Clare is convinced that Raki was in Hamel.

Clare speaks with children in Hamel

When the girl asks who the stranger is, Clare replies that he is someone very important to her.

Tragedy[edit | edit source]

A woman screams. A fatally injured warrior staggers into town. Clare catches her as she collapses. The warrior (Raquel) tells Clare that the hunt was captured. Then she dies.

Anime Raquel in Hamel

Clare requests that the townspeople give the warrior a human burial. When a man tries to dissuade her from rescuing the hunt, Clare sheds her disguise and announces her Claymore identity.

Witch's Maw[edit | edit source]

Awakening[edit | edit source]

In the cellar of an abandoned castle (Witch's Maw), Dauf tortures Jean, hung from her wrists. Katea hangs beside her. Overseeing the torture session is Riful. A dead warrior lies in a corner (original Raquel in manga).

Katea awakens, but when Dauf tests her strength, Katea proves too weak. Riful orders Katea destroyed.

Group attack[edit | edit source]

In the mountains, Clare meets a group of men, who warn her away. She attack, killing several of them. The two remaining men awaken into Yoma. Clare leaps midair, only to be attacked by two Winged Yoma. She cuts them apart, then kills the two ground Yoma.

Back in the castle, Dauf detects Clare's approach.

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References[edit | edit source]

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