Anime Scene 14
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Ilena speaks about Teresa

FUNimation title

To Be Qualified to Fight[1]


Bereit für den Kampf[2] (de), Qualifiée pour combattre[3] (fr), Requisiti[4] (it)

Original title

闘う資格[5] Tatakau shikaku (Qualification fight)

New character



A lake surrounded by mountains. A perfect place for someone who doesn't want to be found.




Ilena's hidden valley, Gonahl, forest lake

Manga arc

Fit for Battle

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  • Endless Gravestones arc:
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    • Anime Scene 14 link.jpg 14: Qualified to Fight

Cold open[edit | edit source]

Ilena teaches and Clare practices the Quicksword. Clare is exhausted and collapse to her knees. Ilena orders her to bathe and rest.

Ilena without cape.jpg
Ilena without cape

Hidden valley[edit | edit source]

In a mountain lake, Clare bathes amid a serene starlit evening. She realizes how well concealed they are in this hidden valley.

Clare is surprised by the sudden appearanec of a campfire, where Ilena waits. Ilena notes how well her old shirt and leggings fit Clare. She orders Clare to eat as they talk over the fire about the past and future.

Clare notes how little Ilena has changed since that day on the plateau. Ilena says that due to their Yoma blood, warriors do not age. If Teresa were alive today she would look the same as Clare remembers her.

Ilena guesses that Clare feels guilty about Teresa's death. Ilena in part agrees that Teresa died because of Clare, a burden of guilt that Clare has carried since that fatal day on the plateau. Clare softened Teresa's heart. Teresa lost her focus as a warrior, which killed her in the end. Clare begins to cry. But as a consolation, Ilena says further that Teresa's last days were happy ones.

Also, that Clare's very existence is the only proof that Teresa ever existed. She urges Clare to abandon her path to self-destruction and live.

Ilena teaches Quicksword

Clare remains adamant, however, on following her path.

Enforcer[edit | edit source]

Meanwhile in Gonahl, warrior No. 5, Rafaela, comes across the remains of the Former Single-digit awakened.

Last day[edit | edit source]

Parting gift[edit | edit source]

The next day, after a practice session, Ilena admits that Clare will never be able to use the Fast Sword in her condition. Ilena cuts off her remaining arm and orders Clare to reattach it to herself, which she does. Ilena says to consider it as "a parting gift."

Final destiny[edit | edit source]

After Clare leaves, Rafaela appears behind Ilena. Rafaela announces that she is about to execute Ilena for desertion. Ilena appears composed in the face of death.

Rafaela in Uniform.jpg

Forest lake[edit | edit source]

Duel continued[edit | edit source]

Clare feels something sudden in Ilena's arm, but is distracted by a sudden commotion—Ophelia, awakened.

In the ensuing combat, Ophelia hurls Clare into a lake. The fight turns amphibious. While holding Clare underwater, Ophelia sees her reflection and realizes she has awakened. Ophelia distracted, Clare resurfaces and cuts off both Ophelia's arms.

New game[edit | edit source]

Ophelia offers Clare another contest. Ophelia's vital core will emerge from the tail end. If Clare can hack her way through the entire length of Ophelia's serpent form, Clare wins.

Ophelia's memory of her brother

Clare hacks her way to Ophelia's human form. Ophelia submits to execution. As Ophelia fades away, she realizes why her older brother sacrificed himself—to save her from Priscilla.

Additional details[edit | edit source]

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Manga versus anime[edit | edit source]

  • Artistic license is taken with Ilena's clothes perfectly fitting Clare, since Clare's height is 170cm (5ft 6.92in).[7] Ilena's height is 180cm (5ft 10.86in).[8]

Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

  • Clare bathes in mountain lake—愛しさとぬくもり Itoshisa to Nukumori (Love and Warmth) 1:35

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References[edit | edit source]

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