Anime Scene 12
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Clare saying goodbye

FUNimation title

The Endless Gravestones I[1]


Die endlosen Grabsteine I[2] (de), Les Stèles Éternelles (Première Partie)[3] (fr), La Follia di Ofelia - I[4] (it)

Original title

果て無き墓標 I[5] Hate naki bohyō I (Endless Gravestones I)

New character

Ophelia, Former Single-digit Awakened (unnamed)


Let's play a little game.




City of Gonahl[7]

Manga arc

The Endless Gravestones

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  • Endless Gravestones arc:
    • Anime Scene 12 link.jpg 12: Part I
    • Anime Scene 13 link.jpg 13: Part II
    • Anime Scene 14 link.jpg 14: Qualified to Fight

Cold open[edit | edit source]

In an unnamed village, Clare just killed three Yoma. Raki is impressed by Clare's phenomenally growth in fighting skill.

Later, in a meeting with Rubel, Clare is sent to northern city of Gonar to hunt a Former Single-digit warrior who has awakened.

Gonahl[edit | edit source]

Taste test[edit | edit source]

After a long journey, Clare and Raki reach the end of the continent. On the seacoast lies the ruins of Gonar. Though the city looks intact, as they enter the city, the damage the Former Single-digit has done becomes apparent. In the city center, they find warrior No. 4, Ophelia, waiting.


Ophelia grabs Clare and pierces Clare's stigma with her fingers. Ophelia tastes Clare's blood and confirms that Clare is awakened.

Contest[edit | edit source]

Raki suddenly attacks Ophelia, who strikes back. But Clare deflects the sword stroke.

In retaliation, Ophelia cuts off Clare's legs. Then challenges Clare to a contest. Clare must reattach her legs before Ophelia kills Raki in a sword-fight. Ophelia will begin at Raki's level of skill. But with each moment that Clare delays reattachment, Ophelia will increase her sword skill.

Interruption[edit | edit source]

Ophelia and Raki sword-fight, Raki getting cut badly. Down the street a young girl comes on the scene. Raki warns her away. But the girl asks why, then awakens—the Former Single-digit.

Former Single-digit Awakened.jpg
Single-digit from anime

Ophelia at first seems concerned about everyone's safety, then inexplicably throws Raki to the Single-digit.

Amid the chaos, Clare succeeds in reattaching her legs and snatches Raki from under the Single-digit and escapes. Ophelia is delayed in her pursuit of Clare by Single-digit, who catches Ophelia and twists her neck. Believing Ophelia dead, Single-digit discards the body, which comes to life and decapitates Single-digit. Ophelia finally slices up the still-living head like a loaf of bread.

Separation[edit | edit source]

In a forest, Clare and Raki are forced to split up. Clare kisses Raki goodbye, promising to meet again. He reluctantly leaves.

Clare's farewell

Clare prepares to meet Ophelia.

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