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Awakened attacks

FUNimation title

Those Who Rend Asunder II[1]


Die Schlitzer II[2] (de), Ceux qui tranchent et déchirent (Seconde Partie)[3] (fr), La spedizione - II[4] (it)

Original title

斬り裂く者たち II[5] Kiri saku mono tachi II (Those Who Rend Asunder II)

New character

Galatea (No. 3)


He promised he was going to give us true despair. And he has.




Pablo Mountains[7] (Paburo in manga)

Manga arc

The Slashers

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  • Those Who Rend Asunder arc:
    • Anime Scene 09 link.jpg 9: Part I
    • Anime Scene 10 link.jpg 10: Part II
    • Anime Scene 11 link.jpg 11: Part III

Cold open[edit | edit source]

Flashback to Paburo hunt meeting the Paburo awakened.

Beyond Paburo Mountains, Ermita orders Organization's Eyes, Galatea, to use her Wide Area Sensing to observe the fighting.

Surprise[edit | edit source]

Deneve goes down[edit | edit source]

The combat on the canyon terrace continues. The awakened severs Deneve's arm and pushes her off the edge into the river beyond. Helen counterattacks with her extensible arm, cutting off several of his legs, but he regenerates them.

Suprisingly, Deneve returns to the terrace, her arm regenerating.

Secret from past[edit | edit source]

Switching between Miria and Ermita, they both reveal that in the beginning, the Organization produced male warriors, but stopped since the males awakened too quickly.

But the awakened says that Miria has not realized something missing in her explanation.

True despair[edit | edit source]

The awakened wounds Deneve through the abdomen, Helen through the back, and inflicts general injuries to Clare. Miria uses her Phantom technique to rescue the fallen warriors. The Awakened's tentacles keep piercing illusions. He realizes the warrior producing the afterimages is the one called "Phantom" Miria.

Paburo Awakened.jpg
Paburo awakened

Alone, Miria counterattacks and for a time, avoid capture, but she runs out of energy and is hit by the tentacles. Miria is pinned down.

End of combat[edit | edit source]

Clare gets up and uses her sensing ability inherited from Teresa. Though much weaker than Teresa, Clare is still able to anticipate and dodge the awakened's attacks before they happen. She severs all but the legs. But when Clare tries to piece the carapace on the awakened back, she only scratches it.

Clare makes the mistake of releasing her Yoma energy when attacking, but not switching to her sensing mode. She does not anticipate the awakened's next move. He throws her off his back and kicks her into the canyon wall.

Miria manages to get up, despite her injuries. Miria advices Clare to switch between sensing Yoma power in an opponent and using her own Yoma power to enable fighting. Together, Miria and Clare finally kill the awakened.

Clare confronts the awakened

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Artistic license is taken in depicting the canyon terrace. Depending on the action, it variously appears either as a narrow ledge or wide field
  • The Ghosts in the manga discover after the 7-year timeskip that the Organization is making non-warrior male awakened beings in a facility north of Organization Headquarters

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