Anime Scene 1
Anime Scene 01
Clare enters the village

FUNimation title

Great Sword[1]


Das große Schwert[2] (de), Claymore[3] (fr), Claire[4] (it)

Original title

大剣—クレイモア[5] Taiken—Kureimoa (Big Sword—Claymore)

New character

Zaki, village chief, Raki, Clare, Egon inn-keeper, Awakened Claymore


I know your kind never refer to themselves as Claymores.[6]


Lautrec[7] (unnamed)


Village of Doga (unnamed),[8] village of Egon

Manga arc

Silver-eyed Slayer

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Anime Scene 26

  • Great Sword arc:
    • Anime Scene 01 link 1: Great Sword
    • Anime Scene 02 link 2: The Black Card
    • Anime Scene 03 link 3: The Darkness
    • Anime Scene 04 link 4: Clare's Awakening

Cold openEdit

Night. A demonic monster—a Yoma—feeds on a human corpse. Across the pond, the figure of a cloaked, female warrior watches.

Provoked, the Yoma races across the pond, skimming the water. But so does the warrior. She unsheathes her Claymore sword and in a flash, lops off the upper half of his skull.

Silver-eye witchEdit

Bloody corpseEdit

Daytime. Another Yoma victim in found in a village street. At a village hall meeting, a young man, Zaki, demands that the chief take action. One nervous man implies another may be the Yoma in disguise. Then accusations fly around. The chief announces that he sent for a Claymore, which frightens the villagers even more.

Doga villagers

After leaving the meeting, Zaki meets his younger brother, Raki. Zaki says a Claymore is coming to kill the Yoma.


At the village edge's, the crowd watches in fear as the Claymore arrives.

At the village hall, the Claymore refuses payment, saying that a Man in Black will pick up the money if the mission succeeds. But she makes no promises—either her body or the Yoma's will be found. The chief faints before his wife.

Claymore Anime Scene 01

Claymore Anime Scene 01

Clare enters Doga village

Near missEdit

On the street, Raki runs up behind the Claymore. She almost beheads him with her sword. But she continues her cursory search, strangely allowing Raki to tag along. When he persists in calling her a Claymore, she replies that the Organization, which she works for, has no name for their warriors.

At the village's edge, the two sit and rest. A bell tolls. Raki hastily leaves to make dinner for his uncle and Zaki.

Zaki awakened
Studio profiles of Zaki


At home, Raki discovers his uncle's corpse facedown in the kitchen. Zaki shows up, saying the man's viscerals was delicious. Zaki awakens into the Yoma. The Yoma begins to oddly cry. He explains that though he took over Zaki's body and memories, he still retains an emotional attachment for Raki. Until the Claymore warrior's arrival, he planned to stay longer. But now he plans to make Raki his last meal before leaving town.

Raki tries to attack the Yoma, but is hurled back. Zaki seizes Raki with one hand—the ceiling bursts, the female warrior plunging between the two. Her sword amputates the Yoma's arm, freeing Raki.

Claymore Clare and Doga Mission

Claymore Clare and Doga Mission

Dropping in

She tells the Yoma that when she smelled his scent on Raki, all she needed to do was to follow the boy home.

She then cuts off his other arm, then bisects him in two. She leaves the wrecked kitchen. Raki sits on the floor, catatonic with shock.



Raki is dumped down a cliff into the desert below. The villagers try to apology, saying they have no choice. Raki then wanders about the sandstorm. He eventually collapses. In the distance, the figure of a warrior watches.


Raki wakes up in a strange bed. Then the inn-keeper brings in a tray of food. He tells Raki that a Claymore brought him here, an inn at the village of Egon.

Raki races outside, trying to find the warrior. A stranger tells Raki that a Claymore was looking for him.


Raki runs out the wooded outskirts of town. He meets a woman in a Claymore uniform. When she refers herself as a "Claymore," Raki knows she is an imposter.

The "woman" reveals herself as a Yoma. The Awakened Claymore takes Raki hostage and demands that the real warrior reveal herself. And throw away her sword.

Claymore Raki meets "Claymore"

Claymore Raki meets "Claymore"

Raki meets "Claymore"

The mysterious warrior comes out of hiding. When she throws her sword down the hill, the Yoma charges and thrusts her arm through the warror's abdomen. But the warrior grabs the Yoma's arm and takes them both down the hill.

At the hill's bottom, the warrior grabs her sword and cuts off the Yoma's arm, then the skullcap. The warrior pulls out the arm. She then releases Yoma power, which regenerates her abdomen, closing the wound.


On questioning, Raki reveals to the warrior that he was exiled due to fears he that he is infected with Yoma.

The warrior flashes back to childhood—a Yoma kills her parents and is about to devour her. Then an unknown warrior cut off the Yoma's skullcap.

New beginningEdit

The warrior agrees to let Raki accompany her as her personal cook. Raki tells her his name. Then asks for hers.

She replies: It's Clare.

Additional detailsEdit


Manga versus animeEdit

  • In the manga, the original female character in the chief's house addresses him as "Sir" and "Chief," indicating a non-familial relationship[9]
  • The anime replaces the petite girl with a much stouter woman, listed in the credits as the wife, who is closer in age to the chief[10]
  • Zaki's description of taking over the original Zaki matches Limt's description in the manga of a "parasite" moving from host to host[11]
  • This episode skips manga Scene 2 and segues into Scene 3—the rescue of Raki from the desert and the Egon village sequences
  • The Awakened Claymore is referred to as a male by Clare in the manga[12]


Clare confronts Yoma—妖魔の掟, Youma no Okite (Yoma's Law) 2:21
03 - Youma no Okite
Opening scene in Doga—哀しき宿命 Kanashiki Shukumei (Sad Fate) 1:10
08 - Kanashiki Shukumei
Clare approaching town—恐ろしき布陣 Osoroshiki Fujin (Frightening Line) 1:11
06 - Osoroshiki Fujin



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