Abyss Feeder
Scene 087
Abyss Feeder

VIZ Media name

Abyss Feeder[1] (en-us Speaker)


Name: Tiefe Hungernden[2] Abyss Feeder (de Speaker), Devoradoras Abisales[3] (Abyss Feeder es-es Speaker), Divora-Abisso[4] (Abyss Feeder it Speaker), 심연식인[5] Sim-yeonsig-in (Abyssal Cannibal ko), 深淵食者[6] Shēnyuān Shí Zhě Speaker (Abyss Feeder zh-hk)
Nickname: bestien[7] beast (de Speaker), demon[8] (en-us), demonios[9] demons (es-es Speaker), abominations[10] (fr Speaker), demoni[11] demons (it Speaker),

Original name

深淵喰い[12] Shin-fuchi Kui Speaker (Abyss Feeder)

Current status









Just like any other Yoma or Awakened Ones, their vulnerable points are their heads.[13]

First appearance

Scene 86


"Abyss Feeder"[14] translates from 深淵喰い, warriors made from awakened being tissue.[15]

In the Claymoreverse, 深淵 is often shorthand for "Creature of the Abyss" or "Abyssal One." 深淵喰い thus can also be translated as "Abyssal One Feeder/Eater."

Their original targets are the two surviving Abyssal Ones—Isley and Riful. The Feeders can be used against other targets, such as Claymore warriors.[16]


Large humanoid females, blinded and mouths sewn shut. "Uniform" is patchwork of bandages, some stitched into their skin.


The Organization removes all sense of self, forcing them to crave only the flesh and blood of their target. The result is a warrior with no trace of humanity.[17]

Dietrich, Alicia and Beth work with the Abyss Feeders. And even guide or be guided by them.



Unknown personality type. High Yoma power baseline enables instant regeneration. Contrary to current translations, Dietrich says "They have power near an upper single-digit" in the original Japanese text.[18]

Abyss Feeders respond only to nearby movement. They release no Yoma Energy, which inhibits their ability to sense it.[19] Feeders have group consciousness, resulting in perpetual accretion of knowledge to defeat any opponent, no matter how many Feeders are killed.[20]

They can only be killed by head injury.[21]

Mission flowEdit

  • Sample of target given to Abyss Feeders.[22]
  • Warriors left on own to find and destroy target.[23]
  • Should warriors' number fall in half, they are trained to return to Organization.[24]
  • Missing warriors are replaced.[25]

The Organization tries to keep 11 warriors in field. Dietrich says almost all of the original 11 are dead.[26]


Early human life unknown. Presumedly orphans bought by the Organization.[27]


After the fall of Pieta, 11 Awakened beings of the Northern Army attack Organization Headquarters. All are killed by warriors No. 1 and 2 (Alicia and Beth).[28]

According to Dietrich, after the disaster of the Battle of the North, the Organization began a new line of research. The result: Abyss Feeders.[29]

Using tissues of the 11 dead Awakened, they created monsters in human form, the reverse of Claymore warriors, who are humans that become monsters.[30]


During the 7-year timeskip, the Abyss Feeders pursue Isley for unknown length of time.


Deneve and Helen plan to visit their hometowns. But they run across Dietrich's hunt.[31] Awakened lures hunt into river. Helen, then Deneve aid hunt.[32]

Demonic presenceEdit

Dietrich, feeling indebted, insists on following Deneve and Helen. She warns about a "demonic presence." Later, Helen senses extreme Yoma energy from an unnamed village. Helen assumes Isley is the "demon."[33]

Despite Dietrich's warning, Helen and Deneve visit town anyway, hoping to catch a glance of Isley for a thrill. But Isley sees through their disguise and attacks. Deneve and Helen fight for their lives.[34]

Abyss Feeders appear and a 3-way combat develops. Dietrich intervenes, telling Deneve and Helen to stay motionless.[35]

Dietrich, Deneve and Helen flee town while the Feeders devour Isley.[36]


For "mission failure," the Organization "exiles" Dietrich to duty in Lautrec.[37]

Alicia and BethEdit

The Abyss Feeders lead Alicia and Beth to Riful. Together, they attack Riful and Dauf.[38]

During the 3-way combat, the Destroyer fires rods, hitting all three parties. Later, the Feeders again attack Riful, who kills some but is too injured to kill all. Unexpectedly, Alicia goes out-of-control, attacking the Abyss Feeders. Nearby, Beth is unconscious, impaled with a rod.[39]

Yuma and DietrichEdit

Yuma regenerates Cynthia. When detects the approach of the Hellcats, she lures them away from Cynthia, but becomes trapped herself.[40]

After Priscilla kills Riful, the Abyss Feeders lose track of their target. Dietrich uses a piece of Riful's dress to lure them into a confrontation with the Hellcats threatening Yuma.[41]

In Scene 102, Dietrich states in the original Japanese that Abyss Feeders have power near an upper single-digit warrior[42] (VIZ Media translates as Dietrich referring to herself, who already is a single-digit).[43]

Dietrich reveals the Abyss Feeders' immunity to parasitic Rods, supposedly due to Feeders having no sense of self to control. Infected Feeders only lose the limit on their appetite. Instead of Riful, Feeders now identify the Hellcats as food.[44]


Buying timeEdit

Dae still needs several hours to deploy the resurrected No. 1s. To buy time, Limt orders all "Things" released outside, despite their indiscriminate attacks. All loyal personnel must stay indoors.[45]

The warriors are attacked by Abyss Feeders. To avert catastrophe, Miria orders single-digits to the front and double-digits to the rear. Double-digits who feel able to fight will act as support. But the Feeders begin to overwhelm the warriors.[46]

Rebel warriors battle Abyss Feeders, unaware of Cassandra, Hysteria and Roxanne among them.[47]


The resurrected warriors cut down the rebels and Abyss Feeders en masse. Amazed Men in Black believe the fight is over. But Dae implies that the fighting has only begun.[48]


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